Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Quick Christmas Morning Makeup!

Hello lovelies! Who else dreads waking up Christmas morning and having to face the camera while opening presents with your loved ones? Many people won't really mind, but this post is for the ladies who would like to feel a little more pulled together but don't have time to do a full face of makeup. I'm one of those ladies, so I put together a group of products that can be used to do a super quick makeup look so I don't hide behind my hands every time someone tries to snap a pic!

What I'll need:

I chose the Garnier BB Cream because it gives me excellent coverage and can be applied quickly with my fingers. If you've got great skin, just skip this step altogether. (I'm jealous...)

To cover my dark circles, (after Christmas Eve festivities this is a must for me!) I picked the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer Dark Circle Eraser shade. This is super easy to blend in with my fingers as well and definitely helps me to look more awake.

To add a bit of color to my cheeks and lips, I would choose a product that does double duty such as the Becca Beach Tint. I can also use my fingers to lightly blend it onto my cheeks for a healthy flush and also apply it to my lips to add a bit of extra color. As an added bonus, there's no transfer, so all those Christmas morning kisses don't end up leaving lipstick marks on your loved ones!

I have no problem going without filling in my brows and just using a spoolie and brow gel to tame them into place. But, if you cannot do without a bit of brow definition, opt for a pencil as I find it to be the quickest method.

Lastly, I gotta grab that eyelash curler to curl my super straight lashes and then add some waterproof mascara. Maybelline's The Rocket is my waterproof mascara of choice. I highly recommend waterproof mascara because you never may get that gift from Santa that makes you all weepy! I don't know about you, but I can do without the mascara running down my face!

And of course, there's the dreaded "bed head". Throwing it up in a messy bun or ponytail is an easy option if you have longer hair, but if not...a Santa hat is going to be your best friend!

Of course, any makeup application may not be practical at all...especially if you've got little ones jumping onto your bed at 5 a.m. begging to open their presents! But, if you do have a few minutes this may just be the solution for you!

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