Friday, November 14, 2014

My Favorite YouTubers

Hi everyone! I'm going to try my best to keep this post short. (Yeah...I know...I suck at that.) Today I want to let you know about my favorite YouTubers and why I think they are so great. Most of these ladies are very well known and it will probably be no shock to you that they are in this post. And of course I will link all their channels. A little background information about me and "beauty gurus" and the world of makeup on YouTube and Instagram. It was probably about 2 years ago (give or take a little) and I knew NOTHING about makeup other than how to make myself look somewhat presentable. I owned Bare Minerals foundation, a few blush shades and some random drugstore eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara and a couple of lipsticks. That was the extent of my makeup collection.  When I decided to get into photography full time, I would do the makeup and hair on my lovelies and even though I was just doing basic things, they loved it. One day I was searching for different hair braiding techniques for an upcoming shoot and I stumbled across my very first beauty channel on YouTube. Out of curiosity, I decided to have a look and the rest was history. Who was that first YouTuber you ask? None other than Emily Eddington.

It was by total accident that I came across Emily's channel, but after watching a few videos, I was hooked! She is extremely well spoken, intelligent, beautiful and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to makeup...especially drugstore. She probably is the one out of my favorites that reviews and uses the most drugstore items.

Emily is also very special to me in other ways. Just as I started my blog and got a Twitter account I think I mentioned her in a blog post and tweeted her. Next thing I know, she is following my blog and commenting on it. Me, a nobody who was just dipping my feet into the water of the makeup world had my favorite YouTuber giving me advice, encouraging me and helping to get my name out there a little bit by retweeting my blog posts. So, while I love all the other ladies I'll be mentioning...Emily's was the first channel I subscribed to and am grateful that I found her, because without her channel...I probably wouldn't be doing what I do today. Alot of my makeup collection in the beginning was built on reviews and recommendations from her. So, thank you Emily for being an inspiration to me. (She also has a second channel that gives quick reviews 5 days a week that are about 5 minutes long.) 

Main channel:

Express channel (quick reviews):

NikkieTutorials: This lovely young lady is my most recent find and I'm obsessed with her channel. She is from Holland and started her channel about 5 years ago at the age of 15. At the young age of 20, she is already extremely successful in her field and has worked at some high profile events and TV shows. She gives some of the best tutorials on YouTube and I highly recommend that you check out her channel if you haven't heard of her. She deserves waaaayyyy more subscribers than she has. Not only is she extremely talented and gorgeous, she's also very funny and a joy to watch. Her channel is mostly tutorials, but she does do hauls and favorites, etc. Her personality is off the charts bubbly and sweet and you can't help but fall in love with her. And I learn so much from her when it comes to makeup application it's unbelievable. She gives fantastic step by step tutorials.

JACLYN HILL: Do I even need to explain why I love her? So incredibly knowledgeable, and coupled with her talent and beauty it makes her the epitome of a triple threat when it comes to beauty gurus. I think she talks the most quickly on all of the ladies I'm mentioning, which is fine by me because I do the same thing! I love watching her and learning about more of the high end side of makeup. She doesn't snub drugstore products by any means, she just happens to include more high end products in her videos. I've gotten alot of my high end makeup based off of her reviews and learned alot about makeup application from her.. And her bloopers at the end of her videos are priceless and hysterical. It shows that she's a real person that stumbles over her words, that gets excited over music and will make silly faces at the camera and let you see that side of her. Which is awesome!

MAKEUP BY ALLI: I found Alli in the weirdest to make a messy topknot. (I still can't do it.) But I loved her personality right from the beginning and knew immediately she would become a favorite of mine. Her channel is probably the best at combining knowledge about drugstore and high end items equally. Alli also gives excellent tutorials. I feel as if she is the best "everywoman" when it comes to "beauty gurus". The girl next door type...which is what I love most about her.

LEIGHANNSAYS:  I don't know if I would classify Leighann's channel as a full-on "beauty channel". She does a little bit of everything. From tutorials to Q&A videos. I found her by watching another YouTuber's channel and she just happened to be in the video. I also heard Emily Eddington mention her. She's funny, witty, drop dead gorgeous and humble. Just watch one of her haul videos and you'll see what I mean. She also includes outtakes at the end of her videos, which is something I love to see!

IISUPERWOMANII: (iiSuperwomanii) Superwoman's name is actually Lily. She is just sheer hilarity in a beautiful package. Her channel isn't a beauty channel, it's just straight up comedy. She plays characters (usually her "mummy" and "daddy") and is just so funny I can't stand it. Millions of subscribers cannot be wrong. I can't say anything else about her other than she is truly and utterly hilarious. Check her out...I guarantee you'll love her.

GRAV3YARD GIRL:  Grav3yard Girl's name is actually Bunny Meyers. A total crazed little dynamo in a teeny package. Bunny puts out the most videos (she usually tries to get one up everyday) and they are everything from beauty and makeup to trying out those silly "As Seen on TV" things to see if they really work. I stumbled across her when she was trying out a heated eyelash curler...don't ask me how I got there, but I did. LOL And, I found Leighannsays through Grav3yard Girl's channel because they live in the same city and did a collab video. Bunny thinks of her subscribers as a family...her "Swamp Family" and encourages all of her subscribers to think of each other as "Swamp Family" members too. Millions subscribe to her because Bunny is always totally herself and doesn't give a crap what people think about her. She often appears on camera with messy hair, no makeup, and always just being Bunny. A bit wacky, but under all of that beats a heart of pure gold. She spreads messages of self-love, anti-bullying and often speaks about her own anxiety issues. She is completely "kid friendly" foul language and is a quirky and silly person who is just being herself and wants to make people laugh. And she succeeds. Some may find her to be a bit "much" but if you can't be yourself on YouTube...then you shouldn't be on YouTube. 'Nuff said!

Well, there are my favorites. Of course I'm subscribed to alot of other YouTubers and I think all of them are all very talented and have different reasons that I subscribe to them. These ladies have all inspired me in one way or another, which is why I watch them. I am thoroughly entertained and that's what I want when I watch YouTube videos. Make me laugh or smile and you've got a subscriber!

That's all for now my lovelies. Who are YOUR favorite YouTubers and why? Leave me your comments down below, I would love to hear from you! You can follow me on Instagram @beautography_by_bruch and on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto. Check out my Facebook at and my official website at Thanks everyone!!!

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