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Kylie Jenner Lip?

Hello my lovelies! Today's post is going to be about lipsticks that are Kylie Jenner inspired. We all know that YouTube, Instagram, and bloggers everywhere have been on the hunt for that perfect Kylie Jenner 90s lippie. However, this post actually came about because of a lovely follower of mine on Instagram named Helen. Check her out @hellybellyxo. She's a beautiful lady and a fellow makeup lover! It all stemmed from a question she posted on another Instagrammer's page asking if Milani's "Teddy Bare" was a dupe for Gerard Cosmetic's "1995". So, I decided to look into it and discovered that I had several lipsticks that can be considered inspired by Kylie Jenner's signature lip look. So before I even post a photo, let's answer Helen's question shall we? Is Milani's "Teddy Bare" a dupe for Gerard Cosmetic's "1995"? Short answer...Nope! And it will be obvious in the photos below. I chose four lipsticks to highlight in this post and they are from left to right in the photo below: Gerard Cosmetic's "1995"; Milani Color Statement Lipstick in "Teddy Bare"; Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Rose Velvet" and Charlotte Tilbury's K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in "Stoned Rose". For the lip swatches I blanked out my natural lip color with foundation so that the true color of the lipstick is shown. I used Jordana's lipliner in "Tawny" for all of the lip swatches and overdrew my natural lip line a bit. (It ain't pretty...don't judge! LOL)

They all look very similar lined up next to one another, but they show definite differences in swatches as shown below:

I'm going to start with the lipstick that was so highly anticipated that on it's launch date it crashed Gerard Cosmetic's website! I am referring to the infamous "1995" lipstick created by YouTuber and awesome makeup artist Jaclyn Hill in conjunction with Gerard Cosmetics. If you haven't yet, check out her YouTube channel at She has such extensive knowledge and experience and gives fantastic tutorials. (Oh...and did I mention she's flippin' gorgeous?)

Let's start with Gerard Cosmetic's "1995":

"1995" retails for $19.99 and can be purchased from (Check Jaclyn Hill's YouTube channel for coupon codes!) This is a matte formula that I find a bit drying (but that's my personal preference...I've never been a huge fan of matte lipstick) so I will wear it with a light lip balm under it and a lip balm over top. It is a deep brown with a definite "brick red" vibe. It goes on smoothly with one swipe and with full color. (I messed it up while applying for this photo. DANG!) It's a beautiful shade, although it's a bit dark for my personal preference. I use it lightly by dabbing it on with my finger. The staying power on this lipstick is amazing!

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in "Teddy Bare": 

"Teddy Bare" retails for $5.99 and can be found at Walgreens stores or on Milani's website at While this can be considered a "nude" shade, I would describe it as a "brown nude" with a hint of a peachy undertone. This is a creme formula and comes off with quite a bit of shine, and as you can see in the photo, it doesn't sit quite right on my lips. However, it is oh so creamy and super comfortable to wear. I love Milani Color Statement lipsticks, this one just isn't for me to wear on it's own. You will need to reapply but the wear time is comparable to other creme formula nude lippies.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Rose Velvet" #130:

"Rose Velvet" retails for $7.99 and can be found at your local Walgreens, CVS, Target, etc. I've actually had this color for quite awhile but rarely wear it. This is a lighter brown with a slightly pinkish undertone. It's not so prominent that you think "pink brown", but it's definitely there. It's a creme formula and as all of the Revlon Super Lustrous line it's very comfortable to wear. There isn't a lot of shine with this shade and I can get away with not reapplying for about 3 hours if I am not eating or drinking.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in "Stoned Rose":  

"Stoned Rose" retails for $32.00 and I purchased mine from I did a whole blog review on items I purchased from the Charlotte Tilbury line...this lipstick being one of them. To take a quote from my previous review: "The K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks are very creamy in texture and go on sheer or can be built up to full color. Filled with essential oils, UV protection and special waxes this lipstick is very comfortable to wear. It does not bleed outside the lipline. "Stoned Rose" is a lovely slightly brown rose that is a terrific neutral for everyday." This color is almost identical to "Rose Velvet" on the lips. It appears more orangeish (is that a word?) in a hand swatch, but it doesn't come across on the lips orange at all. Very smooth and goes on with quite a bit of shine.

When it all comes down to whether or not these brownish shades are that "Kylie Jenner lip" everyone raves about, I'd have to say "sorta". I believe that "1995" is definitely very close...especially due to the fact that it is matte. I've seen so many photos of Kylie Jenner and I feel that her signature matte lip is more of a mauve toned light brown. Regardless, all four of these lipsticks are beautiful and have their own special personality!

I hope you enjoyed this post (from a brochitis ridden blogger such as myself!) and that it helps you out! Please comment down below with your thoughts, I love hearing from you. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram @beautography_by_bruch and on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto. Also, please "like" my Facebook page at and check out my official website at  That's all for now my lovelies!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

REVIEW! Charlotte Tilbury makeup

Hello my lovelies! I know it's been so, so long since you've seen a review, let alone a post from me! Today I will be reviewing several items from the Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics line. Based in the UK, it was just recently brought to the website Beautylish. . Just a warning, this is going to be a very photo heavy post because I created 2 different looks using several items I picked up from the Charlotte Tilbury line.

The first thing I will say is that Beautylish and Charlotte Tilbury has made it incredibly easy to choose a total "look" and have provided guidance on which items you would need to recreate the 10 different looks. You are also able to watch short videos in which Charlotte Tilbury herself shows how to create a daytime look and a nighttime look for each of the 10 looks.  While I don't have all of the products that she used, I have the main items. Photographs, names and details below:

Let's talk packaging for a moment. It is absolutely stunning and I love the classic and clean look.

I chose the following items:

Eyeshadow The Luxury palette in "The Dolce Vita" - $52.00  
*There are a total of 8 eyeshadow palettes.

I chose this palette because it was very neutral with just the right amount of drama. These shadows are buttery, creamy and an absolute cinch to blend. Each shadow in the palette has a specific purpose and  is named for that purpose. The shades are numbered and go clockwise: 1. "Prime" (a slightly creamy golden color with light shimmer); 2. "Enhance" (A matte burgundy brown shade that can be used lightly in the crease or built up.); 3. "Smoke" (a deep brown shade with a hint of a satin finish. I detect a very slight olive tone in this shade as well) and 4. "Pop" (A highly shimmery golden color that is perfect for the center of the lids to give it that extra "oomph" for nighttime). Please see swatches in natural light below. Left to right: "Prime", "Enchance", "Smoke" & "Pop". That "Pop" shade is amazing!!!

Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher in "Ecstasy" - $40
*There are total of 6 "Cheek to Chic" blushes

This compact contains two different shades. This particular blush has a subtle peach/pink outer right with a brighter "pop" color in the center which is to be used just to pop a bit of extra color right on the apples of the cheeks. I detect a slight glow to these shades, but it is not overwhelming on the cheeks at all. Very smooth and easily blendable. Just lovely! Swatches in natural light below: From left to right: "Swish" and "Pop".

K.I.S.S.I.N.G  lipstick in "Stoned Rose" - $32
*There are a total of 10 lipstick shades ranging from lovely nudes to gorgeous reds.

The K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks are very creamy in texture and go on sheer or can be built up to full color. Filled with essential oils, UV protection and special waxes this lipstick is very comfortable to wear. It does not bleed outside the lipline. "Stoned Rose" is a lovely slightly brown rose that is a terrific neutral for everyday.

Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in "Ibiza Nights" - $22  
*There are a total of 11 shades of Lip Lustre. (I believe that "Ibiza Nights" is the only one with shimmer.)

Website quote: "Lip Lustre is a super luxe, high-gloss lacquer that gives your lips a brilliant mirror-shine finish, creating the illusion of a 3-dimensional, voluptuous pout." I was especially drawn to this color because it was used in the tutorial I watched and has a lovely sheer yet shimmery finish. The perfect wear alone gloss or as a topper to any neutral lipstick. It really does make the lips look extra luscious. Swatches of lipstick and lip lustre in natural daylight down below: Top - "Stoned Rose" and Bottom: "Ibiza Nights"

 Just as shown in the short tutorial films Charlotte Tilbury performed on Beautylish, I decided to create two different looks using these products. The first is a light daytime look using all the products with the exception of the lipstick.

I used only three shades in the eyeshadow palette. The Prime, Enhance and Smoke shades and created a very neutral daytime eye look.  I used the "Swish" part of the blush on the back of my cheeks and used the "Pop" shade on the apples of my cheeks. To finish the look I used the Lip Lustre "Ibiza Nights" for some shine on my lips.

I then took things up a notch and added some drama to my look by just adding some more color from "The Dolce Vita" eye palette. Using my finger I applied the "Pop" shade to the center of my lids giving it a lovely golden glow and also took it into my tear duct. I deepened the crease with the "Enhance" and "Smoke" shades. And took all three under the lashline and added black eyeliner and lashes. I also deepened the blush using the same technique as earlier and added my own highlighter. I then added the lipstick in "Stoned Rose" topped with "Ibiza Nights."

While the Charlotte Tilbury line is definitely a luxury brand I feel that it is worth every penny. The line contains many more items, such as her famous "Magic Cream", a bronzer and highlight duo, etc. I definitely plan on purchasing more of Charlotte Tilbury's makeup line in the near future.

I hope that you all enjoyed this long overdue post and that it was helpful to you. I highly recommend checking out the line. Also, there will be a special Christmas edition coming out for the season!

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