Friday, June 20, 2014

HIGHLIGHTERS! High end & Drugstore!

Hello my lovelies! Today I want to share with you and give you my thoughts on some of my highlighters in my collection. I have both high end and drugstore and some are favorites of mine, and others...well...not so favorites. I took concentrated swatches and photographed them in bright sunlight so you can see not only the "sparkle factor" of each, but also the colors that I have. (Obviously you would not wear these as concentrated as the swatches so the colors are much more muted when dusted on the portions of the face you wish to highlight.) All are powders and unfortunately, some are limited edition and no longer available. I would prefer to only show ones that are available now, but it just so happens that my high end collection is mainly limited edition. So sorry! You may still be able to find them on eBay or Amazon, but at a premium price. I will let you know where I found mine. So, let's get on with it!

I'm going to start with my high end highlighters and I have four of them. You will see photos of swatches and of the packaging and a short run down of my thoughts on each one.
From left to right in both photos:

Dior "Amber Diamond":  Unfortunately, this is discontinued, but you can still find it on eBay and on Amazon but you will pay a pretty penny for it. I was lucky enough to find mine at Nordstrom online and paid the regular retail price of about $60.00. This is a golden champagne color, but you can adjust the color by controlling where you put your brush or finger because the colors are laid out in strips in the pan. This blends beautifully on the skin and has a high amount of shimmer.

MAC "Fairly Precious":  This is one of MAC'S Extra Dimension Skin Finishes from their Magnetic Nude collection and is also discontinued. However, once again, it is available on eBay and Amazon. Today I found it on eBay and Amazon for under $40.00. I got mine from Amazon awhile back. The color is a beautiful peachy shade and when applied with a light hand the glow it gives is just, well, precious! I love this for the spring and summer and wear it quite often when working with peach toned blushes. The texture is super smooth and buttery and blends out like a dream. Because this is one of their Extra Dimension Skin Finishes, I find it to be more shimmery than MAC'S Mineralize Skinfinishes.

MAC "Soft and Gentle":  This is part of MAC'S permanent line and is champagne colored. I find that the texture is not as buttery and smooth as the Extra Dimension Skin Finish, but it is nonetheless still absolutely lovely on the skin. And, as you can see, it's completely shattered because butterfingers me dropped it! (I really need to fix it!) I still love this highlight though.

Estée Lauder "Heat Wave":  Also discontinued. (I know, I know! Sorry!) This can still be found on eBay and Amazon for about $100.00. I got lucky and won an eBay auction and got mine for about $65.00. This is a straight up gold and has been compared to MAC'S "Whisper of Gilt". The packaging and design are so gorgeous I debated even ever using it but, it's just too beautiful a highlight that I must use it! This gives the perfect golden glow to the cheekbones.

I don't have a "not so favorite" in the bunch when it comes to my high end highlighters. I love all of them! Now onto my drugstore highlighters!
From left to right in both photos.

ELF Baked Highlighter "Moonlight Pearl":  This is available at Target stores and of course, Elf's website at and retails for $3.00. This is a champagne color, but I find it very difficult to get any pigmentation from this product and instead of it being a fine shimmer, it is more glittery. It is also rather difficult to blend. If you like a glittery highlight this is a very affordable option. I don't like glitter on my cheeks so this is not one of my favorites.

ELF Studio Baked Blush "Pinktastic":  This is also available at Target and on Elf's website and retails for $3.00. Even though this is marketed as a blush, I find that it is much too shimmery to wear as a straight up blush. (It is much more shimmery in real life than in the photograph.) But, the color is a beautiful champagne pink and it does work well as a highlight. The texture is much more buttery than the Elf highlighter and used with a light hand it looks gorgeous on the cheekbones or lightly dusted on top of a pinky blush shade all over the cheeks for a dewy glow.

MAYBELLINE Master Hi-Light Blush "Nude":  I love this product! It is super creamy, easy to blend and is a very unique mix of bronze, champagne and peachy pink. This is also marketed as a blush, but works better as a highlight. This is available in drugstores and Ulta and retails for about $9.99. In the swatch it appears quite dark, but when used in a light dusting it leaves a more natural highlight and doesn't come off as super shimmery. I like to use this dusted all over a pink blush for extra glow on the entire cheek.

BH COSMETICS Blush Duo "Daisy":  Even though this is a "blush duo" I included it because one half of the product is a straight up highlight. You can find it on BH Cosmetics' website at It usually retails for $9.95 but is currently on sale for $4.95. This blush duo product comes in many different shades. This particular shade has a medium toned pink blush and the highlight portion is a golden shade with a hint of peach. It doesn't come off as shimmery in the concentrated swatch, but when sheered out it does give a light glow. This isn't one of my favorites however because if you aren't careful, you end up with a streaky look and it also has a bit of coverage and exaggerates my pores. Not one of my favorites. (I will say that the blush is really quite pretty and for $4.95 you can't beat the price!)

I hope that this post was helpful to you and you all enjoyed it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments because I love hearing from you! Please catch up with me on all of my social media sites! You can find me on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto and on Instagram @beautography_by_bruch. Also check out my Facebook page at and my official website at Bye for now my lovelies!

Monday, June 2, 2014

POSHMARK! (My new addiction!)

Hello lovelies! Sorry for such a delay in posts! Here is a different kind of post for you. Have you ever discovered something fun and wonderful that all of a sudden takes up so much of your time online that you feel as if you don't have time for anything else? I'm going to tell you a little bit about a site I discovered about six weeks ago. Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen me share a bit about this site. It's called Poshmark and I'm ADDICTED!  (Poshmark is only available within the United States, so those of you outside the U.S....I'm sorry!)

Poshmark is a site where women list accessories, clothing, jewelry, and shoes (and more!) for sale in their "closets" so that other women can buy them at a discount. A great deal of the items are high end name brand bags, shoes and other accessories. You can find brand new items with tags still attached and some are gently used. I discovered the site by accident when a YouTuber mentioned it. (If forget who it was) and I decided I needed to check it out. I checked it out, signed up and now want to share the joys of Poshing with you all!

First of all, you can make money. Which is fantastic. I'm not talking big money, but you will eventually bring in some extra income, especially if you have designer brands to sell. Secondly, you can find brand new designer items for more than 50% off depending on the price the seller is asking. So far I've acquired a Coach bag, Michael Kors bag and wallet, and an adorable Kate Spade cross-body bag.  I've listed alot of my gold and silver jewelry I don't wear (and a bit of clothing) and have made more money that I had expected!

Here's how it works:

1.  You have to sign up. You can sign up through Facebook or an e-mail. (I signed up by e-mail.)
2.  You will have to create a "closet", but you don't have to add any items for sale. It's just so you will be able to purchase items.
3.  If you are a seller, Poshmark takes a 20% cut of what you sell. (YIKES! I know it is alot, but there's a reason.) Poshmark provides alot of support and also offers safeguards and other services that many other sites do not. For instance, I bought an item and it turned out to be counterfeit. So, I contacted their support center and they opened an inquiry and I got my full purchase amount back including the shipping charges.
4.  The buyer pays for shipping and Poshmark actually provides the seller with a USPS Priority Mail (not flat rate) shipping label that the seller just prints from their computer. You are able to track the package as well. Easy peasy!
5.  If you are the seller, package up (MAKE IT PRETTY!) what your buyer has purchased and send it through the mail!
6.  Once it is received and accepted by the buyer, your funds are released and you can redeem them by shopping on Poshmark and using the funds as credit, OR have them direct deposited into your bank account. And just because you ask for funds to be direct deposited once, it's not an automatic thing. You have to choose each time you want to redeem. If you don't ask for certain funds to be direct deposited and choose to shop, Poshmark deducts the price from your redeemable funds.

It's very user friendly and the sign up process is easy. Once you've signed up you are ready to shop and/or sell your items! Say you want to find a Michael Kors handbag. There's a search section and all you do is put in the keywords of what you're looking for. You can also search for clothing and shoes by your size. Most Poshers will also negotiate prices. (But don't lowball...we hate that. LOL)

There are rules that you have to follow as a seller, but it's all outlined in their FAQs section. For instance, no counterfeit items. (Duh!) You also cannot sell homegoods, men's items, children's items, perfume or used makeup. (New makeup is allowed. I know of a young lady that sells MAC Cremesheen lippies in alot of colors and trust me...they are 100% authentic and at an excellent discount.) Think of it as a site where the only thing you can sell is what a woman can wear. The Poshmark community is much like Instagram. You have followers, you share items and the more followers and shares you do of your items and others items, the better your chance of having sales!

So, that's pretty much it. I'm sure I've left out alot of stuff, so if you have any questions feel free to ask me or to check out Poshmark. It's well worth your time if you want that MK bag you've been eyeballing but can't afford it, or even a pair of Christian Louboutin stillettos!

Thanks to all my lovelies for taking the time to read through this post and I hope you visit my closet! My closet is and in it you'll find real and costume jewelry (at a HUGE discount) as my closet is very jewelry heavy. Please join me and the millions of other women who love Poshmark! Happy Poshing as we all say!

Don't forget about my other sites though! My official website at and my Facebook page at and to also follow me on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto and my new Instagram @Beautography_by_Bruch. Bye for now!