Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yolanda at Sunset

Hello everyone! So, this is obviously going to be a photography blog, but I will keep it short. Many of you have seen this lovely of mine before, just not like this! I was finally able to snatch her up for a photoshoot at the jettee in Boca Raton, FL for a sunset session. It was a spur of the moment thing because I saw the weather, called her and within the hour she was in the makeup chair! I kept it super light (she's only 13) and used my NAKED3 palette, a light wash of a pinky blush from theBalm's Instain line in "Lace" and used a super shimmery highlight, MAC's MSF in "Fairly Precious" in a light dusting all over her cheeks to really catch the light. NO eyeliner because I wanted to keep the look very soft, so she's just wearing mascara and her lipcolor was Milani's "Pretty Natural", which is really close to her natural lip color.

I just really love the way everything came together. There is a "golden hour" that we photographers refer to, which is the first hour after sunrise and the hour prior to sunset. There is no doubt that this gives us lifestyle and portrait photographers the absolute most beautiful and flattering light.  A perfect example is the photograph below:

She is radiant and her skintone is just beautifully enhanced by the golden light of the setting sun. All of these photos were taken using my Nikon D600 full frame DSLR. They are of varying exposures and shutter speeds based upon where I had positioned her in relation to the sun for each shot.

Yolanda is a huge fan of black and white edits, (as am I), and I took one of my all time favorite photographs at this particular shoot. (Those of you who follow me on Instagram may recognize some of these photos.)

I adore this shot for so many different reasons. Although it's almost impossible for Yolanda to look bad in a photograph, this particular one is just special!

Yolanda is interested in modeling and I think she would be an asset to any agency. We just need to work on her posture and a few minor things. So, we did do alot of headshots and long body shots, but those didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, so I think another shoot is in her future!

I will leave you all with one last photo I took. So you can see more, I will link my Facebook page below so you can see BOTH albums I created for this shoot. (I couldn't keep my hands off her photos so I edited ALOT!) gorgeous!!!!  I know this isn't a "beauty blog", but as I've said photography is a very important part of my life and to is and always will be beautiful.

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See you all soon with a new post on something I know you're all going to like!!! It's in the works!!!

Bye for now my lovelies!!!!!

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