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The "4 or More" Tag

Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to be doing a tag post. The "4 or More" tag. Basically, letting you know what specific products which I have 4 or more of. Emily from emilynoel83 tagged all bloggers to do this tag.(Check out her awesome channel on YouTube. She is gorgeous, sweet and gives great reviews and tutorials and is very knowledgeable and informative. Also check out her second channel where she gives quick product reviews 5 days a week.)

So, even though I haven't been collecting much, I do have quite a few items of which I have 4 or more specific items from that brand and line. The first item is Maybelline's Color Tattoo cream shadows.

 As you can see, I have 9! I love these. They are great as shadow bases or worn alone. Once they set they don't budge and some of the colors will give you a quick one shadow look by using a little different application technique. All of the shades I have, with exception of one are shimmery. I have the following colors:
1.   Pomegrante Punk (My favorite for one shadow looks)
2.   Audacious Asphalt (This is great for smokey looks)
3.  Too Cool (A shimmering white)
4.  Tough as Taupe (A true taupe with shimmer)
5.   Nude Pink (A fantastic matte nude shade that cancels out any redness or veins in your lid.)
6.   Inked in Pink (A baby pink with shimmer. I think this would work well with any pink or rosy shades)
7.   Lavish Lavender (A shimmery light purple works very well next to Inked in Pink)
8.   Bad to the Bronze (I like using this shade with looks I create using my Naked2 palette)
9.   Barely Branded (This is a champagne shade that will work with just about any neutral brownish color)

Next up are the Mabelline Eye Studio quads. These are very pigmented and Maybelline has a way of grouping shades that are unexpected but work together extremely well. You can get a variety of looks from one little palette. I have 6 of them. My only complaint is that there are no matte shades in my collection. If I need a matte shade, I'll have to pull it in from another source.

From left to right, top to bottom:
     Smokey Night, Autumn Dream, Copper Chic (Which has reached almost cult-like status! But the shades are to die for!), Green With Envy (one of my faves), Taupe Tempress and Smokey Cinnamon. Love them all!

Next up are some cheek products. The ever so popular Milani Baked Blushes. I have 7! I love these, especially for photoshoots because they are all shimmery (with the exception of one) and eliminate the need for a separate highlight. They are extremely pigmented and the shades are so beautiful!

1.  Corallina (A true coral - perfect for spring and summer)
2.  Luminoso (Just peachy!)
3.  Red Vino (This is an intense reddish/burgundy. I don't reach for it very often because I always overdo it. It's great for darker skintones.
4.  Berry Amore (A light pinky berry that gives a beautiful flush)
5.  Delizioso Pink (The only matte one I own. It's very soft and highly pigmented and it's the perfect pink)
6.  Fantistico Mauve (I love this one in the autumn and winter along with a berry lip)
7.  Dolce Pink (In my opinion, a beautiful shade for anytime of the year.)

Now the lip products. I have 2 lipstick favorites that I collect. I just started collecting these so the usage is rather minimal.

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks. I have 7 of them:

1.  Pretty Natural (which is "pretty natural" on my lips. I would say it's close to a "my lips but better" shade.
2.  Plumrose (This was the first one I picked up. It's a good shade for me, as are all lighter plummy shades.)
3.  Uptown Mauve (This is rather new to my collection and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.)
4.  Chilled Brandy (Definitely my most least liked. It has glitter in it and I have sensitive lips. Not a good combo for me. It's also quite dark for my taste. But it's very pretty.)
5.  Violet Volt (I love these bright violet purple shades.)
6.  Raspberry Rush (I have a little bit of trouble applying this shade because it tends to skip across my lips, which is not something I'm used to with Milani lipsticks)
7.  Teddy Bare (This is not my perfect nude shade by any means so I don't feel I'll be reaching for it very often.)

The other lipstick brand, MAC, I am currently struggling with an obsession wanting everything!!! Alot of their shades are too "out there" for me, but I've definitely learned which shade ranges and finishes I like. Matte is NOT one of them. I have to "doctor up" Heroine to wear it because it's too dark and it dries my lips terribly. I have 11 right now, with 4 more on the way!

1.   Creme in Your Coffee (I bought 2 shades first...this was one of them. Love it!)
2.   Hot Gossip (This is the other shade I bought first. And, this is the first pink that I felt I've been able to pull off. Light barbie pinks I don't like.)
3.   Creme de La Femme (This being a frost, I was a little afraid, but once it's on it's very pretty)
4.   Toying Around (I despise how this lipstick looks on me so I NEVER reach for it.)
5.   Red Balloon (This is an intense reddish pink and actually wears better on me than I expected!)
6.   Head in the Clouds (This I'm still "iffy" about. This pull very red on me, but the orange definitely comes through. I wear this around the house to see of I can get used to it on me)
7.   Heroine (I first coat my lips with Carmex because the matte formula I can't stand. I just dab this on with my fingers so it's not such an intense purple. I like the way it looks sheered out.)
8.   Heavenly Hybrid (One of my favorites. I reach for this all the time!)
9.  Snapdragon (Even though this is a lighter shade, I was surprised to see I could pull it off on it's own. But, I like to use it layered on top of Heavenly Hybrid alot.)
10.  Plumful (Hey...I'm a plum kind of girl. This is so lovely!)
11.  Faux (My newest acquisition. And a nude that actually looks good on me for a change)

I have 4 other shades coming: Modesty, Speak Louder, Fanfare and Crosswires. Let's see if those meet my expectations as well!

So everyone, that is my 4 or more post! I tag all my fellow bloggers to do this post. It's alot of fun and you'll sometimes catch yourself thinking, "I have way too many...I have to stop!" Sorry...not gonna happen! Deal with it makeup junkies!

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