Wednesday, April 16, 2014

REVIEW! The "missing" Desio Sensual Beauty Colored Contacts!!

Hi my lovelies! As you probably already know I did a blog post a few months ago reviewing Desio's Sensual Beauty colored contacts and, you may have noticed that I did not have two of their colors to show you. So, by popular demand, I am bringing you a short review of those 2 missing colors: "Innocent White" and "Caramel Brown". Keep in mind, that this is merely a follow up post so that I may show you how these particular colors look on my eyes. Please refer to my previous blog post for an in-depth review of Desio and the other 6 colors:

Due to the popularity of my first blog post, Desio kindly provided me with the "Innocent White" and "Caramel Brown" colored lenses so that they can be compared on my natural eye color. So, I would like to start by thanking Desiolens for providing those to me. As always, all opinions in this post are my own and are my honest thoughts and views on the product. The color of the lenses has not been changed or enhanced in any way in any of my photographs. And in case you ever wondered, I NEVER mess with the color of the lenses in my Instagram posts when I am wearing colored contacts. I don't filter, Photoshop, or otherwise compromise the look of the lenses on my eyes. I am often asked what I use to take these photos. Whether I am wearing lenses or not, I shoot my photographs in natural light with a Nikon D5100 on a tripod. This gives the truest representation of the lens color and appearance.

As with my first post, I kept my makeup neutral so as to not affect the color of the lenses. First, let's start with a photograph of my natural eye color:  

As you can see, I have light brown eyes. In some photographs they appear darker or lighter depending upon the lighting.

Below is a photograph wearing the "Caramel Brown" lenses:

As you can see, there is a very subtle, almost imperceptible change in my eye color. It has lightened my eyes only slightly. I think that if you have very dark brown eyes and wish to make them just a lighter brown, these are the lenses for you! On me...they just don't pack enough punch. These would not be a color I will pick for myself when it comes time to repurchase lenses.

The last color is "Innocent White". These are by far the brightest of the lens colors that Desio offers and have been one of the most requested colors for me to try.

In this close up photograph, they remind me a little bit of "Mint Touch", but trust me...these are WHITE lenses. In my opinion, they are the most unnatural color lenses that Desio offers. However, (as with all of Desio's colored lenses) they WILL appear different on darker brown eyes or on other eye colors. I think this particular color would be an excellent way to enhance your current eye color should you have dark blue or green eyes. For me...these are not my favorite on brown eyes. Just my opinion! They look fantastic on some people, but again, due to my personal preference these would not be a color I will purchase in the future.

That's my short little post for you guys! I want to thank all of you who read and follow my blog and to those on Instagram who have given me so much wonderful feedback! Makes me smile! :)  You can view my previous blog post to see the "Desert Dream", "Forest Green", "Creamy Beige", "Icy Blue", "Smoky Grey" and "Mint Touch" colors that are offered by Desio. I also encourage you to check my Instagram feed as I have done more dramatic eye looks wearing each of the different colored lenses and you will see how makeup can affect the appearance of the lenses! My previous post will give you more details about the Desio brand, ordering process, etc. It's a great reference guide. Desio offers 8 different colors and can be purchased online at (Register first and then click "Choose Your Shade" to begin the ordering process. Please read their FAQ section prior to ordering because there is a ton of information and an ordering guide to help you. It will answer so many of your questions that I see on Instagram being asked on Desio's page.)

Thank you to all my lovelies who requested this post. Thank you to Desiolens for providing me with these lenses. And, I want to send a special "THANK YOU!" to Tereza...without whom these posts would not have been possible. You, my lovely Tereza, are a very special lady, a wonderful person and your support means the world the me!

By for now my lovelies! I will see you again very soon with an exciting post...which will be a first for me! (I'm such a teaser!!!)

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