Monday, April 28, 2014

The "4 or More" Tag

Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to be doing a tag post. The "4 or More" tag. Basically, letting you know what specific products which I have 4 or more of. Emily from emilynoel83 tagged all bloggers to do this tag.(Check out her awesome channel on YouTube. She is gorgeous, sweet and gives great reviews and tutorials and is very knowledgeable and informative. Also check out her second channel where she gives quick product reviews 5 days a week.)

So, even though I haven't been collecting much, I do have quite a few items of which I have 4 or more specific items from that brand and line. The first item is Maybelline's Color Tattoo cream shadows.

 As you can see, I have 9! I love these. They are great as shadow bases or worn alone. Once they set they don't budge and some of the colors will give you a quick one shadow look by using a little different application technique. All of the shades I have, with exception of one are shimmery. I have the following colors:
1.   Pomegrante Punk (My favorite for one shadow looks)
2.   Audacious Asphalt (This is great for smokey looks)
3.  Too Cool (A shimmering white)
4.  Tough as Taupe (A true taupe with shimmer)
5.   Nude Pink (A fantastic matte nude shade that cancels out any redness or veins in your lid.)
6.   Inked in Pink (A baby pink with shimmer. I think this would work well with any pink or rosy shades)
7.   Lavish Lavender (A shimmery light purple works very well next to Inked in Pink)
8.   Bad to the Bronze (I like using this shade with looks I create using my Naked2 palette)
9.   Barely Branded (This is a champagne shade that will work with just about any neutral brownish color)

Next up are the Mabelline Eye Studio quads. These are very pigmented and Maybelline has a way of grouping shades that are unexpected but work together extremely well. You can get a variety of looks from one little palette. I have 6 of them. My only complaint is that there are no matte shades in my collection. If I need a matte shade, I'll have to pull it in from another source.

From left to right, top to bottom:
     Smokey Night, Autumn Dream, Copper Chic (Which has reached almost cult-like status! But the shades are to die for!), Green With Envy (one of my faves), Taupe Tempress and Smokey Cinnamon. Love them all!

Next up are some cheek products. The ever so popular Milani Baked Blushes. I have 7! I love these, especially for photoshoots because they are all shimmery (with the exception of one) and eliminate the need for a separate highlight. They are extremely pigmented and the shades are so beautiful!

1.  Corallina (A true coral - perfect for spring and summer)
2.  Luminoso (Just peachy!)
3.  Red Vino (This is an intense reddish/burgundy. I don't reach for it very often because I always overdo it. It's great for darker skintones.
4.  Berry Amore (A light pinky berry that gives a beautiful flush)
5.  Delizioso Pink (The only matte one I own. It's very soft and highly pigmented and it's the perfect pink)
6.  Fantistico Mauve (I love this one in the autumn and winter along with a berry lip)
7.  Dolce Pink (In my opinion, a beautiful shade for anytime of the year.)

Now the lip products. I have 2 lipstick favorites that I collect. I just started collecting these so the usage is rather minimal.

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks. I have 7 of them:

1.  Pretty Natural (which is "pretty natural" on my lips. I would say it's close to a "my lips but better" shade.
2.  Plumrose (This was the first one I picked up. It's a good shade for me, as are all lighter plummy shades.)
3.  Uptown Mauve (This is rather new to my collection and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.)
4.  Chilled Brandy (Definitely my most least liked. It has glitter in it and I have sensitive lips. Not a good combo for me. It's also quite dark for my taste. But it's very pretty.)
5.  Violet Volt (I love these bright violet purple shades.)
6.  Raspberry Rush (I have a little bit of trouble applying this shade because it tends to skip across my lips, which is not something I'm used to with Milani lipsticks)
7.  Teddy Bare (This is not my perfect nude shade by any means so I don't feel I'll be reaching for it very often.)

The other lipstick brand, MAC, I am currently struggling with an obsession wanting everything!!! Alot of their shades are too "out there" for me, but I've definitely learned which shade ranges and finishes I like. Matte is NOT one of them. I have to "doctor up" Heroine to wear it because it's too dark and it dries my lips terribly. I have 11 right now, with 4 more on the way!

1.   Creme in Your Coffee (I bought 2 shades first...this was one of them. Love it!)
2.   Hot Gossip (This is the other shade I bought first. And, this is the first pink that I felt I've been able to pull off. Light barbie pinks I don't like.)
3.   Creme de La Femme (This being a frost, I was a little afraid, but once it's on it's very pretty)
4.   Toying Around (I despise how this lipstick looks on me so I NEVER reach for it.)
5.   Red Balloon (This is an intense reddish pink and actually wears better on me than I expected!)
6.   Head in the Clouds (This I'm still "iffy" about. This pull very red on me, but the orange definitely comes through. I wear this around the house to see of I can get used to it on me)
7.   Heroine (I first coat my lips with Carmex because the matte formula I can't stand. I just dab this on with my fingers so it's not such an intense purple. I like the way it looks sheered out.)
8.   Heavenly Hybrid (One of my favorites. I reach for this all the time!)
9.  Snapdragon (Even though this is a lighter shade, I was surprised to see I could pull it off on it's own. But, I like to use it layered on top of Heavenly Hybrid alot.)
10.  Plumful (Hey...I'm a plum kind of girl. This is so lovely!)
11.  Faux (My newest acquisition. And a nude that actually looks good on me for a change)

I have 4 other shades coming: Modesty, Speak Louder, Fanfare and Crosswires. Let's see if those meet my expectations as well!

So everyone, that is my 4 or more post! I tag all my fellow bloggers to do this post. It's alot of fun and you'll sometimes catch yourself thinking, "I have way too many...I have to stop!" Sorry...not gonna happen! Deal with it makeup junkies!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hello my lovelies!!  As I'm sure you've already guessed from the title of this post...I'm having a blog sale! Included in this sale are items from my collection that just don't receive the love they deserve! All items (except for one) are gently used and are in excellent condition. There are high end and drugstore items for sale. There are "lots" of more than one item and also single items. ALL MAKEUP HAS BEEN PROPERLY SANITIZED!!! (I would never sell you guys dirty stuff!) In this post are more detailed pictures and descriptions than what you'll find on Instagram. This sale is open to the U.S. and Canada. All prices are including shipping for the U.S. only.  If you are buying and live in Canada, you will need to pay the shipping. Please contact me for a quote.

Payment is via PayPal only. First come first serve. I will only hold an item for 24 hours, so serious buyers only please.

If you are interested in an item, you can either comment below or send me a direct message on Instagram @reneebruch. All items will be posted on IG, but it will most likely be a different photo taken with my phone. (I am aware that these photographs do not "fit" on my blog template, but I wanted to put the largest possible photos for you to see the details.)


These items are very rare in the U.S. and I had to purchase them from outside the U.S. I am asking only $85.00 for both items. Both are BNIB (brand new in box) and have been swatched ONLY.  The lipstick is called a "Lip Blossom" and the color is "Amaryllis Poetry" which is a high shine pink with a slight rosy tone which makes it very wearable. The "Layer Blush Compact" is in the shade "03 Relaxed Smile". This is a shimmery highlighting blush which can be built up or used over top of a matte shade to add a lovely pinky/champagne glow. And can we all agree the packaging is STUNNING???!!!! The top of the lipstick has a flower shape that flips open to reveal a tiny mirror and the blush has a soft retractable brush with its own cover which is attached by a chain. Both of the items have a silver finish and the actual blush compact is a strong acrylic type material.

bareMinerals loose mineral eyeshadow trio in "Meet the Browns":  

I have several bareMinerals brand loose shadows and I love the formula! They are highly pigmented, easy to work with and blend and last forever!  I am letting these go only because they didn't receive much use. I was attached to my Smashbox shadows. Now with all of my blogging, I've gotten so many neutrals that I wanted these babies to have a new loving home! (I do believe that this is a discontinued item.)

SMASHBOX Lipstick Palette:  $12.00 shipped
 This is a great palette for MUA's! I only used the matte red shade once with the lip brush. I just have so many similar colors in my collection! It comes with a lip brush and has 8 shades on 2 different levels so it is a very sleek compact. This will easily fit into your drawer, makeup bag or purse. The formula is lovely and as to staying power, I can only speak to the matte red, but it lasted a good 8 hours without much fading. You can mix and match these colors to achieve any type of look you're after!

BLUSH LOT:  $8.00 shipped

This is a drugstore "blush lot". You get all 5 blushes for only $8.00! There are 3 cream blushes and 2 powder blushes. The NYX and Flower Beauty cream blushes are fantastic! They don't remain sticky and are all highly pigmented. I used a small stippling brush when using cream products to pick up the product and swirl it onto my cheeks. (I prefer the elf small stipple brush because it never disturbs my foundation). The elf and Covergirl blushes are nicely pigmented and, depending on your skintone and personal preference, can easily be built up for more intensity. I have used all of these products only once each. I just am a blush junkie! If you think you don't like cream blushes, try'll be a convert! I was!

DIOR 5 COULEURS Eyeshadow palette:  $50.00 shipped
This palette has a lovely cream shade, a taupe, a light pink, a lighter plum and a dark plum. This was my very first "REALLY" high end beauty purchase. Unfortunately, I chose colors that I wouldn't use often. :(  So, because of that I've only used this palette about 3 or 4 times in less than a year. It comes with ALL of the original packaging, including the leaflet insert Dior includes with their quints! (In this photo I hadn't cleaned the sponge tips yet.) You will love this formula if you haven't tried Dior eyeshadows yet. They're buttery, easy to blend and have good color payoff. I highly recommend Dior's eyeshadows in general.

theBalm "Rockstar Palette - Balm Jovi":   $25.00 shipped

Now is the time to try eyeshadows from theBalm! They are amazeballs! And with this palette, you get a little bit of everything. The packaging is so cute and when you open the palette there is a large mirror, a great color and finish mix of shadows with a highlight and blush (which is "Mary Lou-Manizer" and "Frat Boy" that they renamed to fit the theme of the palette.) There is a magnetic flap that closes over the cream products at the bottom. They even give you a little guide of how to create certain looks! This is a great palette for travel. It's sturdy, has plenty of variety, not to mention blush, highlight and lipstick (or blush...however you choose to use the cream products is up to you!) I used this several times. I even created an entire look for a blog post on this palette. The post is called "SLiC Look by theBalm" and you find it in my archives.

EYE LOT:     $18.00 shipped
A mix of drugstore and high end! This lot includes a limited edition Wet 'n Wild palette in "A Great Glistener", 2 of Too Faced's Shadow Insurance eye primers, "Original" and "Candlelight", 2 pairs of Red Cherry lashes in #217 and the coolest eyeliner I've ever seen. Sigma's Extended Wear eyeliner in "Focus" which is a green/brown duochrome. It shifts colors from a shimmery brown to a shimmery green depending on angles and lighting. It would also look fabulous all over the lid as an unexpected smokey eye. (Just use a tiny amount of a very finely milled translucent setting powder to prevent creasing.)

theBalm "Balm Voyage" palette:   $28.00 shipped

This palette from theBalm is much larger than the "Balm Jovi" palette and it contains more eyeshadow shades and more product in each. It also has 3 cream shades for use on the cheeks or lips. This also has a mirror and a magnetic closure to protect the cream products. The colors are very beautiful but I find I've only reached for this palette on those occasions when I wanted to use the purple. So, for me to keep it for one shade doesn't make sense. All of the shadows have been swatched, but I did not swatch the cream products at all.

So that is everything (so far!) that I have ready for sale! I hope to be hearing from some of my lovelies. All of these items are in excellent condition, properly sanitized for immediate use when you get it at your door!

Let the fun begin! Thank you all very much!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

REVIEW! The "missing" Desio Sensual Beauty Colored Contacts!!

Hi my lovelies! As you probably already know I did a blog post a few months ago reviewing Desio's Sensual Beauty colored contacts and, you may have noticed that I did not have two of their colors to show you. So, by popular demand, I am bringing you a short review of those 2 missing colors: "Innocent White" and "Caramel Brown". Keep in mind, that this is merely a follow up post so that I may show you how these particular colors look on my eyes. Please refer to my previous blog post for an in-depth review of Desio and the other 6 colors:

Due to the popularity of my first blog post, Desio kindly provided me with the "Innocent White" and "Caramel Brown" colored lenses so that they can be compared on my natural eye color. So, I would like to start by thanking Desiolens for providing those to me. As always, all opinions in this post are my own and are my honest thoughts and views on the product. The color of the lenses has not been changed or enhanced in any way in any of my photographs. And in case you ever wondered, I NEVER mess with the color of the lenses in my Instagram posts when I am wearing colored contacts. I don't filter, Photoshop, or otherwise compromise the look of the lenses on my eyes. I am often asked what I use to take these photos. Whether I am wearing lenses or not, I shoot my photographs in natural light with a Nikon D5100 on a tripod. This gives the truest representation of the lens color and appearance.

As with my first post, I kept my makeup neutral so as to not affect the color of the lenses. First, let's start with a photograph of my natural eye color:  

As you can see, I have light brown eyes. In some photographs they appear darker or lighter depending upon the lighting.

Below is a photograph wearing the "Caramel Brown" lenses:

As you can see, there is a very subtle, almost imperceptible change in my eye color. It has lightened my eyes only slightly. I think that if you have very dark brown eyes and wish to make them just a lighter brown, these are the lenses for you! On me...they just don't pack enough punch. These would not be a color I will pick for myself when it comes time to repurchase lenses.

The last color is "Innocent White". These are by far the brightest of the lens colors that Desio offers and have been one of the most requested colors for me to try.

In this close up photograph, they remind me a little bit of "Mint Touch", but trust me...these are WHITE lenses. In my opinion, they are the most unnatural color lenses that Desio offers. However, (as with all of Desio's colored lenses) they WILL appear different on darker brown eyes or on other eye colors. I think this particular color would be an excellent way to enhance your current eye color should you have dark blue or green eyes. For me...these are not my favorite on brown eyes. Just my opinion! They look fantastic on some people, but again, due to my personal preference these would not be a color I will purchase in the future.

That's my short little post for you guys! I want to thank all of you who read and follow my blog and to those on Instagram who have given me so much wonderful feedback! Makes me smile! :)  You can view my previous blog post to see the "Desert Dream", "Forest Green", "Creamy Beige", "Icy Blue", "Smoky Grey" and "Mint Touch" colors that are offered by Desio. I also encourage you to check my Instagram feed as I have done more dramatic eye looks wearing each of the different colored lenses and you will see how makeup can affect the appearance of the lenses! My previous post will give you more details about the Desio brand, ordering process, etc. It's a great reference guide. Desio offers 8 different colors and can be purchased online at (Register first and then click "Choose Your Shade" to begin the ordering process. Please read their FAQ section prior to ordering because there is a ton of information and an ordering guide to help you. It will answer so many of your questions that I see on Instagram being asked on Desio's page.)

Thank you to all my lovelies who requested this post. Thank you to Desiolens for providing me with these lenses. And, I want to send a special "THANK YOU!" to Tereza...without whom these posts would not have been possible. You, my lovely Tereza, are a very special lady, a wonderful person and your support means the world the me!

By for now my lovelies! I will see you again very soon with an exciting post...which will be a first for me! (I'm such a teaser!!!)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yolanda at Sunset

Hello everyone! So, this is obviously going to be a photography blog, but I will keep it short. Many of you have seen this lovely of mine before, just not like this! I was finally able to snatch her up for a photoshoot at the jettee in Boca Raton, FL for a sunset session. It was a spur of the moment thing because I saw the weather, called her and within the hour she was in the makeup chair! I kept it super light (she's only 13) and used my NAKED3 palette, a light wash of a pinky blush from theBalm's Instain line in "Lace" and used a super shimmery highlight, MAC's MSF in "Fairly Precious" in a light dusting all over her cheeks to really catch the light. NO eyeliner because I wanted to keep the look very soft, so she's just wearing mascara and her lipcolor was Milani's "Pretty Natural", which is really close to her natural lip color.

I just really love the way everything came together. There is a "golden hour" that we photographers refer to, which is the first hour after sunrise and the hour prior to sunset. There is no doubt that this gives us lifestyle and portrait photographers the absolute most beautiful and flattering light.  A perfect example is the photograph below:

She is radiant and her skintone is just beautifully enhanced by the golden light of the setting sun. All of these photos were taken using my Nikon D600 full frame DSLR. They are of varying exposures and shutter speeds based upon where I had positioned her in relation to the sun for each shot.

Yolanda is a huge fan of black and white edits, (as am I), and I took one of my all time favorite photographs at this particular shoot. (Those of you who follow me on Instagram may recognize some of these photos.)

I adore this shot for so many different reasons. Although it's almost impossible for Yolanda to look bad in a photograph, this particular one is just special!

Yolanda is interested in modeling and I think she would be an asset to any agency. We just need to work on her posture and a few minor things. So, we did do alot of headshots and long body shots, but those didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, so I think another shoot is in her future!

I will leave you all with one last photo I took. So you can see more, I will link my Facebook page below so you can see BOTH albums I created for this shoot. (I couldn't keep my hands off her photos so I edited ALOT!) gorgeous!!!!  I know this isn't a "beauty blog", but as I've said photography is a very important part of my life and to is and always will be beautiful.

To see the rest of Yolanda's photos, please visit and also follow me on Instagram @reneebruch and on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto. You can check out my galleries on my official website at  And as always, please leave a comment below as I love hearing from you all. If you're not subscribed...please subscribe to my blog on Google+!

See you all soon with a new post on something I know you're all going to like!!! It's in the works!!!

Bye for now my lovelies!!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

My 2 Skincare Game Changers!

Hi everyone! So today I wanted to briefly tell you about two products that I have been using that have completely transformed my skin! One is a cleanser and the other is a serum and let me tell you...they really have made a HUGE difference!

We'll talk about the cleanser first and a little background about my skin. I have large pores and have always suffered from those annoying blackheads, especially around my nose. While wandering through Ulta one day I found a cleanser that I hadn't seen before and decided to give it a try. It's from Bioré and is called "free your pores!" and costs $6.49 for 6.77 fl oz. at Ulta stores and Although I'm pretty sure you could probably find it at your local drugstores as well.

As you can see on the label, this is a deep pore charcoal cleanser. Charcoal cleansers are amazing at getting out all the gunk that can get trapped in our pores. This also claims to "deep clean 2x better & naturally purifies". I tried this and immediately noticed a difference. This is gentle enough to use everyday, so I use it at night to wash my makeup off and follow up with a toner. This removes all of my makeup and absolutely works to help clear out my pores. While it doesn't clear up all of the blackheads I get, I do notice that I have much fewer than I did before using it. My new favorite cleanser and a big thumbs up!

The next thing is a serum. This past winter and even now I have been struggling with dry skin around my chin, nose and between my brows. Which is so unusual because I'm usually very oily in those areas. But, I found a solution! I heard about this serum by it Cosmetics that was supposed to work wonders. So, I picked it up the next time I headed to Ulta. It is called Feel the Moment Anti-Aging Ultra Hydrating Sensory Awakening Primer Serum. (Whew! That's a mouthful!) It costs $38.00 for 1 fl oz. and can be purchased at Ulta stores, Ulta's website at and on it Cosmetics' website at

This product is my new Holy Grail for combatting dry skin. it Cosmetics' website has this to say about this product. (The following quote is directly from their website):

"Revolutionary Anti-Aging, Sensory Treatment Skin Serum and Primer in one! A true sensory spa experience in a bottle! Caviar Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Silk all work to nourish, hydrate, prep and prime the skin. Vitamins A, C & E, Deep Ocean Water, Argan, Jojoba and Avocado Oil infusions help to keep skin soft, supple and younger looking. Plus balancing essential oils allow you to take a deep breath and start your day and your skin off right!"

I've been using this for about 6 weeks and while I haven't noticed any change as to the Anti-Aging claim, it is super hydrating and my dry skin issues have been completely resolved! I don't use this as a primer under my makeup because it will become slick after a few hours and I find that it causes my foundation to slide around. I've found that it works best for me as a nighttime treatment over my moisturizer. After I've applied my moisturizer and let it sink in, I use the smallest amount (not even pea sized) and rub it between my fingers and just kind of pat it all over my face, concentrating on the driest areas. It has oils in it that have a rather strong menthol like smell (which I think of as similar to eucalyptus) which I find pleasant. It does dissipate after a few minutes so if you're sensitive to the scent, it will eventually go away. Once this sinks into your skin it leaves it feeling sooooo soft and silky. I just freaking love this stuff!

Those are my two skincare game changers. If you suffer from either of these issues, give them a try and see how they work for you. Let me know in the comments if you've tried these products and what your experience has been! I would love to hear from you!

That's all for now my lovelies! Please follow me on all my social media. You can find me on Instagram @reneebruch, on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto and my Facebook page at and as always, I encourage you to check out my official website at to check out my photography galleries!