Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Lexi Love's Last Photoshoot

Hello lovelies! So those of you that follow me already know I'm a photographer and that I have four very special young ladies that I do photoshoots with all the time. They love it, I love it...and it's always great to spend time with them. Sadly though, my little blonde green-eyed "Lexi Love" is moving out of state, so I got all four of those little troublemakers together and had a last photoshoot with them. My photography is really how this whole blogging thing got I will always continue to blog about my photography work. It's a huge part of my life and in my book, photography will ALWAYS be beauty related! I also like for my readers to get a sense of who I am as a person and this helps me to share a little bit of me with all of you! I hope you enjoy and please visit my business Facebook page to view the rest of the album at the link I'll put below.

From left to right: Lourdes, Lexi, Nicole and Yolanda. We went to a lovely park near my home, "Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens". It's a fantastic place for photography...portrait or landscape. However, we didn't have a good weather day. We got hit by rain several times, it was windy and we couldn't even make it all the way around the entire facility because of the weather. Unfortunately, we were rushing and I hate to rush because I feel my work suffers. Not to mention we all started to look a bit like drowned rats! No amount of hair brushing is going to help when you're wet and being blasted by wind half the time!
While I did not have the kind of time I would have liked to get photos that I consider are to my standards, what really matters is that I got to spend time with Lexi before she left and she got to have fun with her friends. We had our little "moment" together while stuck on a porch waiting out the downpour...
It was actually my niece Nicole that captured this shot. I noticed Lexi was sitting there by herself when I turned around and she looked a bit sad. Nope...not gonna let her be sad with all of us!  So I sat myself down next to her, hugged her as tight as I could, kissed her cheek and told her that her "Aunt Na Na" loved her...and then said something ridiculous to try to make her smile. As you can see in the photo above...I succeeded! Mission accomplished! (Our tears came later in our private goodbye.)

In spite of the rain, the girls had a good time...just being with her friends cheered Lexi up I'm sure. Me...I just kept looking at the four of them thinking how very much I love them all. So...I was the emotional one! I would walk behind them and try to catch a few shots when they weren't paying attention (one of my favorite things is being sneaky about photos) and just watched them interact with each other. Do you remember being 14 and being with your best friends? I do...and I also know how hard it is to leave them when you move so far away. I was Lexi's age when we moved from Pittsburgh to Florida and it sucked! 

(See how sneaky I am????!!!)  These two are the best of friends and I know that last goodbye is going to be REALLY hard for them.

I may not have children of my own...(which means I get to be the FUN one!)...but I am so very grateful for the children I do have in my life. My nephews, my niece, these other young ladies and so many others that aren't pictured here. Although they may all try my patience at times...I love them all very much and would do anything I could to make them happy. I steal my friends' kids ALOT for photos...and, I've always said, "I feed 'em full of sugar, shake 'em up, and give 'em back!" Doubtful their parents appreciate the whole sugar high thing!

I would put more photos of our day here, but then this post would go on forever. If you'd like to take a look at the entire album of Lexi's last photoshoot just click this link: to go to my business Facebook page. While there, check out some of my other albums!

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Thank you all and I'll see you again soon!!!!

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