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REVIEW! Motives Cosmetics "Motives Mavens Element Color Box"

Hi my lovelies! Finally! I have a review on some Motives brand cosmetics!  If you aren't familiar with Motives Cosmetics, it is an entire line of skincare and cosmetics by Loren Ridinger. I have been wanting to try Motives Cosmetics for some time now, but just hadn't purchased anything. However, when I saw the shadow collection in the "Elements Color Box", which was created with the input of some extremely talented and successful makeup artists, dubbed the "Motives Mavens", I HAD to have it. The colors just screamed "BUY ME!" If you aren't familiar with who the "Motives Mavens" are, you can find their work on Instagram and other social media. (Very talented ladies, all of them! I will list their names and IG accounts at the end of this post so you can check out their Instagram pages and check their bios for other social media sites they may have.) I purchased this palette with my own money, and as always, I will give you my honest opinion and share my personal experience with the product(s).

This is a view of the palette from the outside and the shadows inside.

The palette retails for $35.00 on** The packaging is a highly reflective black plastic that has a click type closure (no magnet). Inside there is a very large mirror that takes up the entire inside of the lid. There are eight shadows, each with 3.54 grams of product and total product weight in the palette is 28.35 grams.  (For comparison, a MAC single shadow pan contains 1.5 grams of product.)  Below are swatches and descriptions of each of the shades.

I will go through each of the shades from top to bottom, left to right:
  • BIRCH - matte cream (great for highlight)
  • NATIVE - matte mid-tone cool brown (perfect transition shade)
  • AUBERGINE - a mid-tone plummy/charcoal (this can also be a relatively deep color if used in a more concentrated way)
  • RAVEN - matte black
  • SHELL - shimmery champagne
  • SERENE - shimmery copper toned tan 
  • BORDEAUX - burgundy/wine with a slight sheen
  • TRUFFLE - very deep brown with copper sparkle (the sparkle does not really translate to the eye and it comes off as matte when blended) 
As you may have guessed, "Bordeaux" is my favorite color. Those of you that follow me know I LOVE my burgundy shades! The colors are all extremely pigmented. Some may tend to swatch a bit chalky and seem powdery when you put a brush to it, but there is little (if any) fallout as long as you tap off your brush. The shadows are very high quality and blend out very easily. They are very long wearing (I used a primer) and didn't smudge or fade at all. The shade range that has been chosen for this palette is as close to perfect as you can get in my opinion. There is just the right of amount of matte and shimmer, and the shade selection is unique enough that you can get a variety of looks from just these 8 shadows.

As soon as I laid eyes on the "Bordeaux" color...I knew I had to do a deep smoky look! Below is the look I came up with for this post.

I used "Bordeaux" on the inner and outer third of my lid and used a mix of "Shell" and "Serene" right on the center of my lid. Transition shade is "Native". I deepened up the outer corner with "Raven" and I used a small blending brush and blended "Serene" and a touch of "Bordeaux" around the border of "Native" to give a bit of a glowing "halo" effect around the transition shade. For a brow highlight I used "Birch" and my inner corner highlight is "Shell". Under the lashline I used "Raven" on the outer third, "Serene" in the center and "Shell" towards the inner corner. I smoked out all of the shades using "Bordeaux" lightly all over the lower lashline.

I am loving this palette! The price is very reasonable for the amount of product you get, the quality is superb and the color selection is on point! I would highly recommend this palette if you are looking to try any of Motives' products and aren't sure what your first purchase should be! I look forward to trying more of Motives' products in the future. And when I do, I will be sure to keep you all in the loop!

As promised, below is a list of the "Motives Mavens"* and their Instagram accounts so you can check out their beautiful work!

  1. Vegas Nay - IG account @vegas_nay
  2. Maryam Maquillage - IG account @maryamnyc
  3. Teni Panosian - IG account @tenipanosian
  4. Ely Marino - IG account @elymarino
  5. Ellarie - IG account @ellarie
  6. Makeup by Denise - IG account @makeupbydenise
* (I obtained the full list of the "Motives Mavens" names and Instagram accounts via the "Market America" blog. I have listed the Mavens' names exactly as they are shown on the blog. Motives Cosmetics is sold through Market America, along with many other products. For more information on Market America, please visit their website at

**(Please be advised, Motives does have representatives that sell their products and you can access the website using that representative's specific website, or enter their information during checkout. I am not aware of any discounts available by using a specific representative's information. I am not at all familiar with that aspect of Motives Cosmetics' business, but a friend of mine sells Motives and I did use her specific representative information when checking out. Please visit Motives' website for more information.)**

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