Friday, January 17, 2014

REVIEW: Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore

Hi everyone! I have another review today! This time it's on several products from Drew Barrymore's cosmetics line, Flower Beauty. I was only able to grab a few items because the display at my local Wal-Mart had been completely raided and I didn't have many options. I got the last eyeshadow quad there was! I picked a few things that I really wanted to try and hadn't heard much about either, so I chose the BB Cream, a cream blush, the eyeshadow quad in "Smoke and Mirrors", a Long Wear Eyeliner in "Black" and two different Kiss Stick lipstick formulas: the Velvet formula in "Tea Rose" and the High Shine formula in "Sweet Peony". I picked all of these items up at Wal-Mart, but they can also be found at (Prices listed are from Wal-Mart.)

BB Cream: $12.98 - 1 oz. - First, let me say I chose the wrong color for me completely! Much too light! So, I am not really able to give more than a first impression because I only wore this at home and wasn't able to really wear it out. So, I feel that giving a full review would be not only unfair to my readers, but also to the product. So, this is only my initial impression.

I used the BB Cream just on moisturized skin, no primer. It is a thin consistency, blended easily and has very good covereage. It kept me matte for about 3 hours without powder. I did touch up with powder and it lasted for about 6 hours in total before it started to break down, even in an air conditioned environment. I find it is comparable to the Garnier BB Cream for oily skin (which I reviewed in my blog post yesterday) and this one comes in 4 shades. (Which are numbered BB1 - BB4, lightest to darkest). For oily skin, I would say give it a shot, but I don't feel this would work for dry skin.

(Swatches of the eyeshadow quad and the eyeliner taken in direct sunlight.)

Shadow Play Eyeshadow Quad in "Smoke and Mirrors":  $9.88 - I am not a huge fan of these shadows. Even though they do seem to have a smooth texture when you initially put a finger to them, they are actually very powdery when you swatch them or use a brush. (Especially the darkest shade as you can see in the photo above.) Three shades in the quad are matte, with the deepest having a bit of sparkle in the swatch, but it didn't translate to the eye and looked matte as well. I didn't find the colors to be very  pigmented and it took a lot of time to build up any color, but in the end I was happy with the final result of a very soft smoky gray look. But, I would not purchase any other shadow quads from this line and this particular quad is not one that I will be reaching for again anytime soon.

Easy on the Eyes Long Wear Eyeliner in "Black": $5.98 - This is a retractable pencil liner and is very black, but not super creamy and not super dry. It skipped a bit on my mature lids, but it did set to a long wearing finish and didn't smudge. I also used it on my lower lashline (set with shadow) and waterline. It performed well on the lower lashline and stayed in place, however, it did not last in my waterline at all. If you are looking for a really black eyeliner for your lid at a reasonable price I would recommend this one.

The last items I purchased were a cream blush and two different lipstick formulas.

Win Some, Rouge Some Créme Blush in "Primrose & Proper":  $7.98 - This was by far my favorite product out of the bunch. It is a very peachy pink and blends out very easily to give a very natural looking flush to the cheeks. This color was perfect for my lighter skin tone. It is SUPER creamy, sets to a matte finish without any sticky feeling and it lasted all day when I used it over my longer wearing foundations. There's not much to say other than I love it. I will definitely be on the lookout for other colors to try!

Velvet Lipcolor in "Tea Rose" & High Shine Lipcolor in "Sweet Peony": $6.98 - My personal experience with these two products was completely opposite of what I would expect from the name of the actual formulas. I found the Velvet formula to be very creamy and very comfortable on the lips. The color was my problem. "Tea Rose" is very similar to my natural lip pigmentation when applied, so it didn't really show up. I honestly thought it would be darker from what I could see on the tube. It is hard for me to gauge staying power because I couldn't really see the color that well.

The High Shine lipcolor in "Sweet Peony" swatches a bit peach toned, but it actually is a very true pink. I found this formula to be a bit dry and it did not apply as smoothly as the Velvet formula. It skipped across my lips and the color went on very patchy and not very shiny. (It was definitely not as shiny on my lips as it is in the swatch). It was just not pretty on me at all and I could not wear it straight from the tube. I used it over a very emollient lip balm and it went on smoothly but, because of the balm, it muted the color quite a bit. It is also difficult for me to determine the staying power of this formula because I was wearing it over such a heavy lip balm.

Please remember that these are my own experiences with these products and you may have completely different results. Especially with the lip products. The Flower Beauty line is actually quite extensive and there is such an array of products that I'm sure there is something for everyone. It is a very affordable line and there are so many products that I didn't try!

That's all for today my lovelies! Please subscribe to my blog and leave your comments down below. I really want to know if you've all tried other products from Flower Beauty and what your experiences were and what you would recommend or not recommend. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @reneebruch and on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto. Please check out and "like" my Facebook page at and also my official website at !

Thanks everyone!!!

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