Wednesday, November 13, 2013

REVIEW! NEW Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Holiday Spotlight Collection!

Hi everyone! Have you been checking out your local drugstores lately? Have you seen Wet n Wild's new Holiday Spotlight Collection 8 pan eyeshadow palettes? I have and I picked up all of them! Here's just a little first impression review and some swatches of the shades from each of the palettes. They cost $4.99 each and I picked mine up at Walgreens but, I believe that you can also find these in CVS and other drugstores and retailers that carry Wet n Wild cosmetics in your area.

 There are 3 new palettes in this Holiday Spotlight Collection. From left to right above: "Lights, Camera, Attaction"; "No Neutral Ground"; and "A Great Glistener". I will go through and show you swatches of all of the shadows in each palette. (I would have like to have swatched them on my arm as they are shown in the pan...but my arm was too skinny!)

As for ALL of the palettes, the top row contains your highlight shades, which are all very shimmery, the second row has a more subtle shimmer or satin finish, and the bottom row has the matte shades.

"Lights, Camera, Attraction"

This palette contains the most vivid color selection of all of the 3 palettes. The top row contains the 3 highlight shades, which are extremely shimmery. The first shade is a very pale baby blue color, the second is a very pale baby pink and the third is a pale lilac shade. The next 3 shades in the palette are your more satin finish shades and show in the pan as having a bit of shimmer. There is a vivid royal blue, which I found to swatch a bit flaky, a mid-toned true pink (I would call it "Barbie pink") and a purple shade that has a bit of a magenta quality to it. The bottom 2 shades are the completely matte shades and consist of a very deep navy blue and a deep smokey purple.

"No Neutral Ground"

I found this to be a bit of an ironic name because I think there are some great neutral shades in this palette. The highlight shades of the top row consist of a dusty pink shade, a very light champagne and a gold shade. I used the light champagne color as a browbone highlight in an eye look recently, and in a close up photo you could see some of the glitter in my eyebrow. (I will talk about that more in the "Overview" section of this post.) The second row of satin finish shades contains a dusty lilac, (which was rather flaky when I swatched it.) The next shade is a mid-tone brown with a touch of gold shimmer. The last in the row is a dark green shade in the pan, but I used this shade in an eye look recently and it comes off on the eye as more of a lighter grass colored green, which I found to be quite lovely! The last two shades are completely matte and are a deep chocolate brown and a dark green that I would call "evergreen".

"A Great Glistener"

This palette was the last one I picked up, which I did this morning! But, I did manage to use one of the shades in the palette already! The top row of highlight shades has a pale blue that comes off mostly as silver, the second is a pure white shade and the third is an extremely pale golden shade. The first shade in the second row is a very light gray. This is the shade that I used today, and I found that it didn't quite go on as smooth or blend as easily as I'm used to with Color Icon shadows. The second shade is a grayish/lilac that swatches just a touch lighter than the gray shade, and with just a hint of lilac. Even though it swatches much like the light gray, it appears completely different in color in the pan. The last shade in the row is a classic brown. (Maybe a touch too deep to be a transition shade in my opinion.) The bottom row contains a matte black (the only one of the palettes that has a black shade) and a deep matte chocolate brown shade. The black may be a tiny flaky, but maybe that's just me being picky. (I find the black definer shade on the left side of the "Blue Had Me At Hello" palette to be even deeper and a bit smoother in texture and even though in the pan it may look like it has a bit of shimmer, it comes off mostly matte to my eyes.)


All of the highlight shades in these palettes, whether they appear shimmery or glittery in the pan, will sheer out and leave just glitter with very almost no trace of the actual color behind on your skin. Although I have not used all of them on my eyes, I did swatch each by itself on my arm and got the same result. I still have glitter lingering on my arm. I'm really not a fan of overly shimmery highlights in general, and these had way too much sparkle for my liking as a browbone highlight. Other than that, I found the rest of the shades to be very pigmented, and most (with the exception of a just a few) had the same buttery texture and were just as easily blended as I've come to expect from the Color Icon line. I would say that my favorite is the "No Neutral Ground" palette. I'm in love with the green shade in the second row and have found myself reaching for that quite a bit lately! I also like the diversity and the vividness of the color selection in the "Lights, Camera, Attraction" palette. My least favorite is "A Great Glistener". Mostly because the colors didn't really blow me out of the water and I didn't find anything particularly unique about them.

I'm a huge fan of Wet n Wild's Color Icon shadows and, although I personally am not a fan of the highlight shades, I do think that these are great 8 pan palettes. I like that there are a couple of deeper matte shades and that the second row of shadows in each palette don't have a ton of shimmer. They are unique in that way from most of the other 8 pan Color Icon palettes that I own personally. I think if you are a fan of Wet n Wild's Color Icon line of shadows, you will quite enjoy the Holiday Spotlight Collection!

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Bye for now my lovelies! See you soon!

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