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REVIEW! L'Oréal Lashout Butterfly Mascara first impression

Hi everyone! This is going to be a very quick review of L'Oréal's Voluminous Lashout Butterfly mascara.  Many of you may have probably seen this mascara in the stores and noticed it's very unique wand, or, you may have seen other reviews of this mascara. Please keep in mind that this is just my experience and thoughts about this product and, as always, I will give you my honest opinion. (On a side note, I forgot to take a photograph of my "naked" lashes for this review! OOPS!!!) But, I do have a photograph from a previous mascara review that I did a few weeks ago, which I will insert for reference. Although it is of my other eye, rest assured, my lashes are pretty much the same on both eyes!)

I purchased the shade "Blackest Black". As you can see, the wand is clearly visible as it is not in the tube when packaged for sale. Here are a couple of close up photographs of the wand prior to having any product on it.
This wand is a rubber bristled wand and has a very unique shape. It is curved on the bottom and has short bristles, and has two "wings" (for lack of a better term) on the upper part that are longer towards the back and a bit shorter in the front near the tip of the wand. I took a photograph from above the wand so that you can get a sense of the "winged" shape I am referring to.
Notice that the "wings" of the wand are farther apart towards the back and taper together as you move closer to the tip of the wand. (Below is the photo from my previous blog post showing what my lashes are like normally.) Notice this is my left eye, and I did this first impression of the Lashout Butterfly mascara on my right eye. I apologize! And, I once again did not put any kind of makeup on prior to applying mascara nor have the photographs been retouched in any way.
Without mascara, my lashes are a medium length and rather straight. I curled my lashes for the photo above because I always curl my lashes prior to applying mascara. My lower lashes are very sparse and short. And, you'll notice that I have very hooded eyelids. Below is a photograph of my lashes (of my right eye) after two coats of the Lashout Butterfly mascara. (The color difference is due to the photos being taken at different times of the day with natural light).
After 2 coats of this mascara, notice that my upper lashes are very clumpy. I also didn't notice alot of length being added to my lashes after application. This is an extremely wet formula mascara. The wand does take some getting used to because of it's construction, however, I was pleased that it's bristles were more than long enough and closely packed together to really grab onto my lower lashes and deposit the product. But, even my lower lashes looked a bit clumpy and I did get alot of product on the skin of my lower lashline. Below is a photo of my lashes after 3 coats of this mascara.
After 3 coats, my upper lashes were extremely clumped together, but had gained some length and volume. My lower lashes also became more clumped together and of course, more product got onto my skin.

I really have mixed feelings about the L'Oréal Lashout Butterfly Voluminous mascara. I actually quite like the wand. The construction of the wand is such that I am really able to get in there and have it grasp my lashes but, the formula is so wet that it just makes a clumpy mess. It also does not hold a curl and does require some drying time. Also, because my lids are hooded, I end up with product on my eyelid that would no doubt ruin any eyeshadow look I was wearing.

As a first impression, I like the wand, but don't like the formula at all. Mascaras do tend to get better after they've "aged" a bit and I will continue to use it periodically to see if the once the formula dries out a little bit it becomes more easily managed and doesn't clump as much. As of now, I would not consider repurchasing this mascara.

So that is my very quick first impression review of the L'Oréal Lashout Butterfly Voluminous mascara. Let me know if you've tried this mascara and what your experience with it were! I'm very curious to know how it has worked for those of you who have tried it out! Just leave me a comment down below!

So, by for now my lovelies!

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