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Full face makeup using only CoverGirl products!

Hi everyone! This will be my very first "full face" makeup look using products from only one brand! I was so excited to be able to do this and show you the products I used to get the look and also, you will hear my little mini-reviews on the products I used! So, how about we get started shall we? Below is a picture of all of the products I used to get this look.
I will list the products and the exact shades, etc. below:

Foundation: Covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 - my shade is 850 creamy beige
Concealer: Covergirl + Olay - shade 310 fair
Bronzer: Covergirl Cheekers bronzer - shade 102 Copper Radiance
Blush: Covergirl Cheekers blush  - shade 154 Deep Plum
Eyeshadow palettes: Covergirl eyeenhancers - 275 - Sugar Coated and 222 - Drama Eyes
Brow/Eyeliner: Covergirl brow&eyemakers brow shaper & eyeliner - shade 505 - Midnight Brown
Mascara: Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions Lashblast - shade Very Black
Lipcolor - (this got interesting, so I'll just name the gloss for now) Covergirl wetslicks - shade 425 - Sizzle

Those were the only products I used for this entire look. The only product I used that was my own was my moisturizer. So, I will go through how I used the products, show you a couple of photographs and then give you a little mini-review of each of the products!

Because I don't have a facial primer from Covergirl (I couldn't find one nor could I find one on their website.) I just blended my foundation over my moisturizer into my skin using my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush. Then, I used the Covergirl + Olay concealer (it is in a stick form) on the inner corners and under my entire eye area and blended it with my fingers. I realized that I didn't have any type of setting powder from Covergirl, so I did not set the foundation or concealer. I used the bronzer to contour and warm up my skin tone and then swirled some blush onto my cheeks. For my eyes, I decided to use 2 of Covergirl's quads to get the look I wanted. Since I had no eyeshadow primer from Covergirl either, when blending my foundation, I went over my eyelids to try to help the shadow stick a bit. I first took the white shade from the "Drama Eyes" quad (it has a white, black, silver and a deep burgundy shade) with the sponge tip and used it on my inner corner and brought it up slightly onto my inner lid. It is extremely shimmery...almost glittery I would say. Then I switched over to the "Sugar Coated" quad (it has a deep shimmery teal, a medium plum with a hint of shimmer, a brighter shimmery teal/blue and a shimmery peach color). I used the deepest teal shade from the extreme left of the palette and used a flat shadow brush to pat the color onto the center of my lid. Then, using the drama eyes quad, I used the other side of the flat shadow brush to place the deep burgundy shade on my outer "v", into and just above my crease and blended those shades together. As I was blending the shades with a blending brush, I was pulling the deep burgundy shade out towards the end of my eyebrow. Then I used the peach shade from the Sugar Coated quad to blend out the burgundy just above my crease and used the white shade from the Drama Eyes quad VERY lightly to add a bit of highlight under my browbone. After I was done, I realized that OMG! I didn't have a black eyeliner from Covergirl! So, using a stiff angled brow brush, I used the black shade from the Drama Eyes quad on my upper lashline and pulled the shadow up from my lashline a bit to give it a more smokey look. I used the brow/eyeliner to line my lower lashline about 1/3 of the way and using a pencil brush, I went from outer to inner corner with the black shade, the burgundy, the deep teal and then the peach shade. I used the brow/eyeliner to fill in and give my brows a little definition and used a spoolie brush to distribute the product and groom my brows. (I had no brow gel product from Covergirl to use to hold them in place.) Then I used 3 coats of my Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions mascara on my upper and lower lashes and I was finished...except for the lips. Here's a close up of the eye look:

The lips...I only had one Covergirl lip product and it was the Wetslicks gloss in the shade sizzle, which is a glittery deep pink. I wanted a deeper lip, so I got a little creative! (Ok...I cheated a bit on this part and brought in a very rich lip balm - Carmex!) After I applied the Carmex to my lips, I used my pinky finger and dipped it into the deep burgundy eyeshadow shade and dabbed it all over my lips. (Sneaky...aren't I?) I would not recommend using eyeshadow as a lip shade, which is why I used such a heavy lip balm to protect my lips from becoming dry. After patting the burgundy shade all over, I dabbed small amounts of the Sizzle lip gloss all over my lips and did the "mah, mah" lip smoosh thing! The end result was a deeper shade of lipcolor than the gloss alone could give, but it was still shiny and I was happy with the result!

Mini reviews!

Foundation: I love the Covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation! It has been a part of my foundation collection for a couple of months now. Even without a primer or a setting powder, this foundation has held up surprisingly well! I've had the makeup on for about 4 1/2 hours and I don't notice any breakdown of the product, even in my T-zone. Even though it I do see some shine coming through, it isn't that bad and it actually ends up looking a bit more natural than just a flat matte finish. However, I will need to touch up very soon!

Concealer: The Covergirl + Olay concealer is a very emollient product and really needs to be set with a powder. I do notice some settling into the fine lines under my eye area. It also does not have any color correcting properties and isn't quite able to hide the blueness I have on the inner corner of my eyes. However, I do like how the concealer performs under my eye area, it just needs to be set with some lightweight powder.

Bronzer: This one took me by surprise. The cheekers bronzer in "copper radiance" has a definite shimmer in the pan and doesn't seem especially deep of a shade. However, when I used it I was pleased that it was dark enough to give me the ability to contour and bronze my skin and, I didn't notice a ton of shimmer once it was applied. Although I prefer matte bronzers, this is something I will keep and probably use again from time to time depending on the situation and the look I'm trying to achieve.

Blush: When I first purchased the blush in "deep plum" I thought to myself, "It's just a nice shimmery pink". And yep, it applies as a nice pink with shimmer. Which wasn't all that bad because it has decent pigmentation. And, because it is shimmery, it eliminated the need for a highlight. I will probably use this more in the summer time.

Eyeshadows: As I've said, I didn't have an eye primer, so my foundation acted as the base for these shadows. Neither one of these quads wowed me in the pigmentation department. It took some building up and alot of blending to get the look I wanted and the color faded VERY quickly. (Before I even got to taking the photos!) I went over and layered the colors a couple of times using the sponge tip applicator and even my fingers, and I still didn't quite achieve the color intensity I wanted. I believe that over a primer, or a base, these would perform much better. Even though I like the colors, I wasn't quite able to achieve the look I wanted. It was quite difficult using the black eyeshadow as an upper lashline eyeliner because the color intensity was incredibly difficult to build. I never got a true "black as black can be" look out of it. (I have other black eyeshadows that give me a very black line when used as a liner.) I will use the shadows again because I do think the colors are nice, but I don't see myself repurchasing any more of these quads. I don't see any particularly unique shades in the selection at the store from anything that I don't already have that's a bit better quality.

Brow/eyeliners: This is a product that has been in Covergirl's line for a long time and I never even tried it out. I was pleasantly surprised that the color wasn't horribly "warm" for my skin tone and it blended into my brows with the spoolie quite nicely. It is a rather soft pencil, so you have to use very light strokes. I would also recommend that you set it with some sort of powder. It has faded a bit, but has not left any patchy areas on my brows. As an eyeliner, the softness of it makes it very easy to use and because it is a very dark brown it will work in many situations. It is difficult for me to tell if there is any smudging issue because I do have eyeshadows overlapping it on my lower lashline. So, I can't tell you about it's staying power. However, it does claim to be a water "resistant" product.

Mascara: I've already done a full review of the Covergirl Clump Crusher extensions mascara in a separate blog post. All in all, my opinion has changed very little. I've had the mascara for awhile and it absolutely does not clump! And it will lengthen your lashes. I did notice that I was able to achieve a bit more volume this time and maybe that is because the mascara has dried up a tiny bit. It is still pretty wet and doesn't quite hold the curl as I would like it to, but it is definitely a good mascara. May not be my taste (YET!), but I'm sure many of you will love it!

Lips:  The wetslicks glosses are not a must have for me or anything I'd rave about. They're pretty comfortable, not too sticky and the color "Sizzle" is quite lovely. But, even with the "Carmex/eyeshadow" trick, I noticed that bits of glitter were left behind on my lips after it all faded. That is not something I'm a fan of because my lips get irritated and chapped easily. The color was nice and it worked for my purposes of this post, but I don't see myself purchasing anymore of the colors.

So there you have it! A complete fall face look using only Covergirl products! I was very happy all in all with the results and, although there are some things I may not repurchase, I definitely am a fan of many of the products used for this look! I was quite impressed and surprised with how much I liked some of the products I thought I wouldn't like at all! Of course, these are my own opinions and I was missing some key elements (powder, eye primer, etc.) but I think I'm comfortable with what I've said in my mini-reviews as to how the products performed and whether or not I would repurchase!

Random tips:
  • If you're lips get chapped very easily, don't use a lip product that has chunks of glitter in it. When the color wears off, the glitter is left behind and it will irritate your already sensitive lips.
  • I learned a great concealer tip from (If you haven't yet checked out her YouTube channel, please do so! She actually has 3! All of them are worth subscribing to, and I highly recommend you do!) The tip I learned from her that has worked wonders for me for my concealer settling into my fine lines is to use a Q-tip! Lay it on the side and blot it over the areas where the concealer has settled and it will pick up the excess product without disturbing your other makeup! Works wonders! I just did it for mine, and even though I hadn't set it with powder, it looks 100% better!

So, I hope that this post was helpful to you and I look forward to hearing your comments!

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Bye for now my lovelies!!!!

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