Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 looks! tarte's "Gorgeous Getaways"!

Hi everyone! Yesterday I gave you a full review of tarte's "Gorgeous Getaways" holiday gift set. Today, I put it to the test! I did a daytime look and a nighttime look using only one of the palettes and one of the lipglosses that you receive in the set. I also used any other tarte products I had, which were: Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation (my shade is light-medium neutral), my Amazonian Clay matte bronzer in "Park Ave Princess" and a tarte LipSurgence lip tint from the holiday collection in the color "lovely". (The products that I used from my own collection were face primer, eye primer, concealer, mascara, brow products and eyeliner(s). I didn't use any other products from my own collection.)

I approached this as if I were going on a weekend trip. So, from one palette I needed to be able to create a day look and a night look. I decided I was going to use the palette that I nicknamed yesterday (by the name of the blush color inside) as "savvy". Below is a photograph of that palette.

I chose this palette for a couple of reasons. I love the color grouping in this palette and I knew that I could get a nice fall look with these colors. So, here's a photo of what I did for my "day" look!

 For this look, I primed my face and used my tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation. This foundation let's me control the coverage, so I just had a light coverage look for the daytime. I used the blush from the palette, "savvy" in a very light dusting across my cheeks. I used only lipgloss for the day look and I chose to take the shade "Czech me out" because it is a nice neutral rosy/mauve shade that has a little bit of shimmer. Now, let's take a look at what I did for the eyes.

To keep the look very natural, I first primed my lids and used the peachy toned shadow "Grand Canyon" all over my lids and into my crease. I added the lighter matte gray/taupe color "Big Ben" on the outer part of my lid and pulled it up into the crease and blended it out with "Grand Canyon". I highlighted with the shade "Taj Majal" which has a satin finish and is not overly shimmery. I didn't use any eyeliner for this day look. Instead, I took an angle brush and used the darkest shade of the palette, "Central Park" and used it very lightly on my upper lashline to give it just a little bit of definition. I added only one coat of mascara and just brushed my brows into place and set them with a clear brow gel. I think the look is very natural and still polished enough to do a little sightseeing, shopping, go to brunch or any other activities you have planned for the day. Then, I needed a look to go out to dinner that night!

For my night look, I changed up my hair and used my bubble wand heat styler. My hair is very fine, so it gives me relatively tight, but imperfect waves. Then I just pulled up the front section and secured it with a couple of bobby pins. I did the same steps that I did for my day look when it came to my face makeup. I primed my face and used my tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation, but I made it full coverage for the evening. I then used my tarte bronzer in "Park Ave Princess" to contour and bronze my face (a step that I skipped for the day look). And, since it was nighttime, I applied the blush "savvy" with a bit of a heavier hand. The blushes are so pigmented, it is easy to control the depth of the color. And for a highlight on my cheekbones, cupid's bow, etc. I used the eyeshadow "Taj Mahal" from the eyeshadow palette! I works great as a highlight because it's got a little bit of shimmer without being too shiny. For my lips, I first used tarte's LipSurgence in the color "lovely" and layered the gloss Czech me out" over the top. I knew that even though the gloss is very long lasting, when it did wear off, I would still have the stain of the LipSurgence tint on my lips. And the gloss is so pigmented, you really don't see the color of the LipSurgence showing through because it is a pretty close match shade wise and, I think that for that reason, the pairing of the two was perfect. And, for my eyes, I definitely wanted to do something a little more dramatic. For night, I used a brow pencil to lightly fill in my brows and set them with a clear gel.

I first used "Taj Mahal" to highlight my inner corner and browbone. I used the shade very lightly on the inner part of my lid. Then I used "Grand Canyon" all over my lid and used a small amount of "Big Ben" on the outer third of my lid. To define my outer "v" and my crease, I used the darkest shade, "Central Park" and blended it into and above my crease. (Since I have very hooded lids, I used a pencil brush to place the shade exactly where I wanted it to show above my crease.)  I went back to "Grand Canyon" and used that to blend out the edges of the dark shade so that there were no harsh lines. I used a black eyeliner pencil on my upper lashline and smudged it out. So, while still dark, there was still a softness to it. I also used the same black pencil liner to tightline my upper lashes. On my bottom lashline, I used a deep emerald green pencil eyeliner and I layered "Big Ben" and "Central Park" over that and smudged it out to give a soft smoky effect. Then, I applied several coats of mascara to really plump up and lengthen my lashes. And that was it!

I really enjoyed creating these looks. The shadows are incredibly pigmented and so easy to work with and blend. The blushes are fantastic. The amount of pigmentation that are in these blush colors is such that you can control how the blush will look just depending on how you choose to apply it. The color combination of the palette that I used was very well thought out and I think it's a great choice for fall. I will definitely be playing around with the other palettes to see what sort of looks I can create. Just because it's the "Gorgeous Getaways" gift set doesn't mean I can't use it at home! :)

Random tips:

  • When traveling, it is very important that your makeup brushes be protected. Having a case to carry your brushes is essential!
  • Take a small spray bottle of brush cleaner with you when you travel. Since you will probably be carrying the minimum amount of makeup brushes you can, a spray that will clean your brushes between uses is great! (You can find them in makeup stores anywhere.) They surface clean your brushes and dry incredibly fast. Who has time to deep clean their brushes when they travel? I sure don't!
  • When I'm traveling on an airplane, I keep my "must haves" in my carry-on bag. Keep some of your "must have" cosmetics in your carry on, that way if tragically your luggage is lost, you won't need to repurchase EVERYTHING!
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