Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NAKED3 - 1st Impression Review!

Hi my lovelies! So, as I'm sure you've all heard, the NAKED3 palette went on sale on Urban Decay's website last week. I bought mine probably 15 minutes after I got the notification so, I was lucky to get mine before it sold out! I just received it yesterday and I haven't had much time to play around with it, so this is going to be a "First Impression" review. Keep in mind, these are my own initial impressions about this product, and as always, I will give you my honest opinion. I have been getting a ton of requests for swatches of this palette and I know my followers are eagerly awaiting this blog post, so I'll get started!

As I'm sure you've all seen, this is the outer packaging of the palette. It is a beautiful rose gold with a rippled texture and is embossed with gold lettering. It is very similar to the Naked2 in that it is metal and has a large mirror on the inside.
(For the purpose of the photo above I covered up the mirror with the outer packaging.) This palette also comes with a double ended synthetic brush. In comparison to the brush that you receive with the Naked2 palette, this one has a short and flat "packer" type brush on one end and a blending brush on the other. The "packer" brush is pretty much the same as the one that comes with the Naked2 however, the blending brush is a little bit different than the one that comes with the Naked2 palette. This one is slightly shorter and is more flat, whereas the blending brush with the Naked2 has longer bristles and looks more like a classic blending brush. This brush you receive in the Naked3 has pretty much the same stiffness and texture as the one that comes in the Naked2 palette.

There are 12 different shades in the Naked3 palette and just as Urban Decay has stated on their website, they are all rose-hued neutral shades. There are 3 completely matte shades in the palette and the remaining shades range in finishes from satin to shimmery to downright metallic. I swatched them all on the back of my hand and took photographs outside in the sunlight.
Above are the first 4 shades in the palette. From left to right: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit.
  • Strange: Matte cream shade with a very slight hint of pink. Great for a highlight.
  • Dust: Metallic finish champagne pink. This was very flaky when I swatched it.
  • Burnout: Satin finish with a bit of microshimmer. This swatches as a true "rose gold". It definitely had more of a gold tone than "dust".
  • Limit: Matte pinky/mauve shade that has a teeny bit of a beige tone to it...especially in the pan. This was a tiny bit flaky when I swatched it. This would be a great transition color.
These are the next 4 shades in the palette: From left to right: Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar
  • Buzz: Deep rosy/mauve with microshimmer and has a finish that borders on metallic. One of the prettiest shades in the palette in my opinion.
  • Trick: Mid-tone shimmery bronze with a very slight hint of a rosy hue. In the pan it appears as just gold, but when sheered out you can see a tiny bit of a pinkish color.
  • Nooner: Matte mid-tone mauve. This is an interesting shade because even though I see it as a true "mauve"...I do notice that it has a bit of a lilac tone to it. Very beautiful color and is also great for a transition shade.
  • Liar: Satiny/metallic finish brownish pink. It appears much darker in the pan, but it comes off highly reflective and lighter in a swatch.
These are the last 4 shades in the palette (and obviously much darker from the rest of the palette's shades): From left to right: Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart
  • Factory: Deep shimmery brown with a touch of rose-tone shimmer.
  • Mugshot: Metallic finish deep rosy/bronze. This is similar to "Factory" but is more metallic and has more of a rose tone.
  • Darkside: Satin finish deep taupey/brown with rose toned shimmer. This shade is very deceiving in the pan. I thought it would be matte! 
  • Blackheart: Very dark plummy/charcoal shade with flecks of rosy glitter. In my opinion, this isn't really a "black" shade. However, because of the flecks of rosy glitter, it may just be altering the way I see it. It is definitely the darkest shade in the palette.
I did want to see how some of the shades performed when applied, so I did do a quick eye look with some of the shades in the palette.

For this look I used Urban Decay Primer Potion and the brush that comes with the palette. I first used "Nooner" as a transition shade in and above my crease. I used "Burnout" all over my lid. I then took "Liar" and used that on the outer part of my lid and blended it up into the crease. And, I just HAD to use "Blackheart" to see how that would perform on the eye! I used it on my outer "v", blended it just slightly into my natural crease and created a slight wing shape towards my the end of my brow. As you can see, you really don't see any of the rosy glitter in the shade, it is not a very prominent glitter. I used a bare brush and blended out all of the edges. I took a very small wispy brush and used a bit of  "Burnout" and blended it around the border of the shadows and used "Strange" as a brow highlight and my tearduct. (It doesn't show up on me very well because I am so pale.) Then, instead of using a regular black eyeliner, I used "Blackheart" on my upper and lower lashlines. On my lower lashline I used "Burnout" with a pencil brush to go over the "Blackheart" so I had a bit of a smokier look and a bit of glow on the lower lashline.

Overall first impression:

These shades are definitely all rose-hued as Urban Decay has advertised. I find that even though some of the shades may swatch a bit flaky (which isn't unusual for some Urban Decay shadows), they are incredibly easy to work with and blend out beautifully! There is such a range of colors in the Naked3 palette that you will be able to create many looks. I can only compare these shades to the Naked2 palette since I don't have the original Naked palette. In comparison to the Naked2, I find that there is no overlap whatsoever in the shades. Not even close! The shadows in the Naked3 are everything I've come to expect from Urban Decay. They are all a very smooth texture, the pigmentation is phenomenal and the are so incredibly easy to work with that blending is a cinch! You may experience a bit of fallout if you don't tap off your brush, but it seemed to me that there was less fallout with these shades than I've experienced with the Naked2 palette.

In conclusion, if you love pinks, rosy shades, rose golds and don't mind highly shimmery shadows, you will definitely enjoy this palette! I do think that Urban Decay did a great job with the shades of matte shadows as well. "Strange" is great for a matte highlight and "Limit" and "Nooner" are great mid-toned matte shades for transition colors. The Naked3 palette can give you such a range of looks from deep and dark for fall, to light and fresh for spring! This palette gets a huge thumbs up from me!

Random tips:
  • Always tap off your brush before applying shadows. You will minimize fallout that way.
  • If you are using shades that you KNOW will have alot of fallout, use shadow shields or you can use some translucent powder. Dust on some translucent powder under you eyes (but don't pat it in!) and let it just sit there. Any fallout you get will adhere to the powder and, using a fan brush, just whisk the powder away! Fallout goes with it!
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Sayuri's 1st Birthday!!!

Hello lovelies! So sorry I haven't posted anything in such a long time! More beauty posts are coming up soon! For those of you who have followed my blog or my Facebook page for awhile, you all know that I'm not just passionate about makeup...I'm also passionate about photography! I had the honor of being the photographer for Sayuri's 1st birthday at the Crystal Palace in Disneyworld! My husband has been friends with her parents, Romeu and Paty, for a long time and when they asked me to photograph the festivities I was happy to do it! The entire family came up from Brazil and we had so much fun! My husband was such a huge help because he acted as my "second shooter" and caught some really cute moments.  Paty calls me Sayuri's "Auntie Na Na" and this was the first time I got to meet Sayuri. (Although I've seen tons of pictures of her, I nearly cried when I saw her in person because she's so beautiful!)  I wanted to do a quick blog post so that my readers can get a sense of the different aspects of what I do outside of the makeup world! Here are a few photos that didn't make it into her album on my Facebook page! To check out her full album, go to: (resolution is terrible on Facebook...hope they fix that someday!)

The location of the party...The Crystal Palace!

Sayuri with daddy Romeu!

Checking out the scenery!

Sayuri with mommy Paty!

Yep...that's me! (Big nose and all!) She got lots and lots of kisses from me!!!! (Or "beijos" if you speak Portuguese!)

Can't go the Magic Kingdom and NOT take a photo with your hubby in front of Cinderella's Castle! This was right before we left to go home. We drove up from our home to Orlando (about a 3 hour drive), photographed the party and then drove back home all in the same day! Very tiring, but I didn't want to miss Sayuri's first birthday!

Random tips:
  • If you are photographing an event, make sure you have a backup battery charged and ready to go!
  • Don't forget extra memory cards too! You never know how many pictures you'll end up taking!
  • If you are using a hot shoe flash...don't forget spare batteries for that as well.
  • Lastly...a backup camera is a great thing to have as a pro photographer. If your main camera gets damaged or malfunctions, you will have that backup camera to use. It really does put your mind at ease to know that you have another in case something goes wrong. (I took 2 cameras to this particular shoot and it was a blessing knowing that if something terrible happened, I still had a camera I could use!)

I hope that you all enjoyed this post. Although it's not "beauty" is certainly related to what I do and a part of who I am.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of my blog followers, Instagram followers, those who have "liked" my photography Facebook page, and of course, my Twitter followers! I really appreciate the support and feedback that you give me!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

REVIEW! NEW Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Holiday Spotlight Collection!

Hi everyone! Have you been checking out your local drugstores lately? Have you seen Wet n Wild's new Holiday Spotlight Collection 8 pan eyeshadow palettes? I have and I picked up all of them! Here's just a little first impression review and some swatches of the shades from each of the palettes. They cost $4.99 each and I picked mine up at Walgreens but, I believe that you can also find these in CVS and other drugstores and retailers that carry Wet n Wild cosmetics in your area.

 There are 3 new palettes in this Holiday Spotlight Collection. From left to right above: "Lights, Camera, Attaction"; "No Neutral Ground"; and "A Great Glistener". I will go through and show you swatches of all of the shadows in each palette. (I would have like to have swatched them on my arm as they are shown in the pan...but my arm was too skinny!)

As for ALL of the palettes, the top row contains your highlight shades, which are all very shimmery, the second row has a more subtle shimmer or satin finish, and the bottom row has the matte shades.

"Lights, Camera, Attraction"

This palette contains the most vivid color selection of all of the 3 palettes. The top row contains the 3 highlight shades, which are extremely shimmery. The first shade is a very pale baby blue color, the second is a very pale baby pink and the third is a pale lilac shade. The next 3 shades in the palette are your more satin finish shades and show in the pan as having a bit of shimmer. There is a vivid royal blue, which I found to swatch a bit flaky, a mid-toned true pink (I would call it "Barbie pink") and a purple shade that has a bit of a magenta quality to it. The bottom 2 shades are the completely matte shades and consist of a very deep navy blue and a deep smokey purple.

"No Neutral Ground"

I found this to be a bit of an ironic name because I think there are some great neutral shades in this palette. The highlight shades of the top row consist of a dusty pink shade, a very light champagne and a gold shade. I used the light champagne color as a browbone highlight in an eye look recently, and in a close up photo you could see some of the glitter in my eyebrow. (I will talk about that more in the "Overview" section of this post.) The second row of satin finish shades contains a dusty lilac, (which was rather flaky when I swatched it.) The next shade is a mid-tone brown with a touch of gold shimmer. The last in the row is a dark green shade in the pan, but I used this shade in an eye look recently and it comes off on the eye as more of a lighter grass colored green, which I found to be quite lovely! The last two shades are completely matte and are a deep chocolate brown and a dark green that I would call "evergreen".

"A Great Glistener"

This palette was the last one I picked up, which I did this morning! But, I did manage to use one of the shades in the palette already! The top row of highlight shades has a pale blue that comes off mostly as silver, the second is a pure white shade and the third is an extremely pale golden shade. The first shade in the second row is a very light gray. This is the shade that I used today, and I found that it didn't quite go on as smooth or blend as easily as I'm used to with Color Icon shadows. The second shade is a grayish/lilac that swatches just a touch lighter than the gray shade, and with just a hint of lilac. Even though it swatches much like the light gray, it appears completely different in color in the pan. The last shade in the row is a classic brown. (Maybe a touch too deep to be a transition shade in my opinion.) The bottom row contains a matte black (the only one of the palettes that has a black shade) and a deep matte chocolate brown shade. The black may be a tiny flaky, but maybe that's just me being picky. (I find the black definer shade on the left side of the "Blue Had Me At Hello" palette to be even deeper and a bit smoother in texture and even though in the pan it may look like it has a bit of shimmer, it comes off mostly matte to my eyes.)


All of the highlight shades in these palettes, whether they appear shimmery or glittery in the pan, will sheer out and leave just glitter with very almost no trace of the actual color behind on your skin. Although I have not used all of them on my eyes, I did swatch each by itself on my arm and got the same result. I still have glitter lingering on my arm. I'm really not a fan of overly shimmery highlights in general, and these had way too much sparkle for my liking as a browbone highlight. Other than that, I found the rest of the shades to be very pigmented, and most (with the exception of a just a few) had the same buttery texture and were just as easily blended as I've come to expect from the Color Icon line. I would say that my favorite is the "No Neutral Ground" palette. I'm in love with the green shade in the second row and have found myself reaching for that quite a bit lately! I also like the diversity and the vividness of the color selection in the "Lights, Camera, Attraction" palette. My least favorite is "A Great Glistener". Mostly because the colors didn't really blow me out of the water and I didn't find anything particularly unique about them.

I'm a huge fan of Wet n Wild's Color Icon shadows and, although I personally am not a fan of the highlight shades, I do think that these are great 8 pan palettes. I like that there are a couple of deeper matte shades and that the second row of shadows in each palette don't have a ton of shimmer. They are unique in that way from most of the other 8 pan Color Icon palettes that I own personally. I think if you are a fan of Wet n Wild's Color Icon line of shadows, you will quite enjoy the Holiday Spotlight Collection!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Full face makeup using only CoverGirl products!

Hi everyone! This will be my very first "full face" makeup look using products from only one brand! I was so excited to be able to do this and show you the products I used to get the look and also, you will hear my little mini-reviews on the products I used! So, how about we get started shall we? Below is a picture of all of the products I used to get this look.
I will list the products and the exact shades, etc. below:

Foundation: Covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 - my shade is 850 creamy beige
Concealer: Covergirl + Olay - shade 310 fair
Bronzer: Covergirl Cheekers bronzer - shade 102 Copper Radiance
Blush: Covergirl Cheekers blush  - shade 154 Deep Plum
Eyeshadow palettes: Covergirl eyeenhancers - 275 - Sugar Coated and 222 - Drama Eyes
Brow/Eyeliner: Covergirl brow&eyemakers brow shaper & eyeliner - shade 505 - Midnight Brown
Mascara: Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions Lashblast - shade Very Black
Lipcolor - (this got interesting, so I'll just name the gloss for now) Covergirl wetslicks - shade 425 - Sizzle

Those were the only products I used for this entire look. The only product I used that was my own was my moisturizer. So, I will go through how I used the products, show you a couple of photographs and then give you a little mini-review of each of the products!

Because I don't have a facial primer from Covergirl (I couldn't find one nor could I find one on their website.) I just blended my foundation over my moisturizer into my skin using my Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush. Then, I used the Covergirl + Olay concealer (it is in a stick form) on the inner corners and under my entire eye area and blended it with my fingers. I realized that I didn't have any type of setting powder from Covergirl, so I did not set the foundation or concealer. I used the bronzer to contour and warm up my skin tone and then swirled some blush onto my cheeks. For my eyes, I decided to use 2 of Covergirl's quads to get the look I wanted. Since I had no eyeshadow primer from Covergirl either, when blending my foundation, I went over my eyelids to try to help the shadow stick a bit. I first took the white shade from the "Drama Eyes" quad (it has a white, black, silver and a deep burgundy shade) with the sponge tip and used it on my inner corner and brought it up slightly onto my inner lid. It is extremely shimmery...almost glittery I would say. Then I switched over to the "Sugar Coated" quad (it has a deep shimmery teal, a medium plum with a hint of shimmer, a brighter shimmery teal/blue and a shimmery peach color). I used the deepest teal shade from the extreme left of the palette and used a flat shadow brush to pat the color onto the center of my lid. Then, using the drama eyes quad, I used the other side of the flat shadow brush to place the deep burgundy shade on my outer "v", into and just above my crease and blended those shades together. As I was blending the shades with a blending brush, I was pulling the deep burgundy shade out towards the end of my eyebrow. Then I used the peach shade from the Sugar Coated quad to blend out the burgundy just above my crease and used the white shade from the Drama Eyes quad VERY lightly to add a bit of highlight under my browbone. After I was done, I realized that OMG! I didn't have a black eyeliner from Covergirl! So, using a stiff angled brow brush, I used the black shade from the Drama Eyes quad on my upper lashline and pulled the shadow up from my lashline a bit to give it a more smokey look. I used the brow/eyeliner to line my lower lashline about 1/3 of the way and using a pencil brush, I went from outer to inner corner with the black shade, the burgundy, the deep teal and then the peach shade. I used the brow/eyeliner to fill in and give my brows a little definition and used a spoolie brush to distribute the product and groom my brows. (I had no brow gel product from Covergirl to use to hold them in place.) Then I used 3 coats of my Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions mascara on my upper and lower lashes and I was finished...except for the lips. Here's a close up of the eye look:

The lips...I only had one Covergirl lip product and it was the Wetslicks gloss in the shade sizzle, which is a glittery deep pink. I wanted a deeper lip, so I got a little creative! (Ok...I cheated a bit on this part and brought in a very rich lip balm - Carmex!) After I applied the Carmex to my lips, I used my pinky finger and dipped it into the deep burgundy eyeshadow shade and dabbed it all over my lips. (Sneaky...aren't I?) I would not recommend using eyeshadow as a lip shade, which is why I used such a heavy lip balm to protect my lips from becoming dry. After patting the burgundy shade all over, I dabbed small amounts of the Sizzle lip gloss all over my lips and did the "mah, mah" lip smoosh thing! The end result was a deeper shade of lipcolor than the gloss alone could give, but it was still shiny and I was happy with the result!

Mini reviews!

Foundation: I love the Covergirl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation! It has been a part of my foundation collection for a couple of months now. Even without a primer or a setting powder, this foundation has held up surprisingly well! I've had the makeup on for about 4 1/2 hours and I don't notice any breakdown of the product, even in my T-zone. Even though it I do see some shine coming through, it isn't that bad and it actually ends up looking a bit more natural than just a flat matte finish. However, I will need to touch up very soon!

Concealer: The Covergirl + Olay concealer is a very emollient product and really needs to be set with a powder. I do notice some settling into the fine lines under my eye area. It also does not have any color correcting properties and isn't quite able to hide the blueness I have on the inner corner of my eyes. However, I do like how the concealer performs under my eye area, it just needs to be set with some lightweight powder.

Bronzer: This one took me by surprise. The cheekers bronzer in "copper radiance" has a definite shimmer in the pan and doesn't seem especially deep of a shade. However, when I used it I was pleased that it was dark enough to give me the ability to contour and bronze my skin and, I didn't notice a ton of shimmer once it was applied. Although I prefer matte bronzers, this is something I will keep and probably use again from time to time depending on the situation and the look I'm trying to achieve.

Blush: When I first purchased the blush in "deep plum" I thought to myself, "It's just a nice shimmery pink". And yep, it applies as a nice pink with shimmer. Which wasn't all that bad because it has decent pigmentation. And, because it is shimmery, it eliminated the need for a highlight. I will probably use this more in the summer time.

Eyeshadows: As I've said, I didn't have an eye primer, so my foundation acted as the base for these shadows. Neither one of these quads wowed me in the pigmentation department. It took some building up and alot of blending to get the look I wanted and the color faded VERY quickly. (Before I even got to taking the photos!) I went over and layered the colors a couple of times using the sponge tip applicator and even my fingers, and I still didn't quite achieve the color intensity I wanted. I believe that over a primer, or a base, these would perform much better. Even though I like the colors, I wasn't quite able to achieve the look I wanted. It was quite difficult using the black eyeshadow as an upper lashline eyeliner because the color intensity was incredibly difficult to build. I never got a true "black as black can be" look out of it. (I have other black eyeshadows that give me a very black line when used as a liner.) I will use the shadows again because I do think the colors are nice, but I don't see myself repurchasing any more of these quads. I don't see any particularly unique shades in the selection at the store from anything that I don't already have that's a bit better quality.

Brow/eyeliners: This is a product that has been in Covergirl's line for a long time and I never even tried it out. I was pleasantly surprised that the color wasn't horribly "warm" for my skin tone and it blended into my brows with the spoolie quite nicely. It is a rather soft pencil, so you have to use very light strokes. I would also recommend that you set it with some sort of powder. It has faded a bit, but has not left any patchy areas on my brows. As an eyeliner, the softness of it makes it very easy to use and because it is a very dark brown it will work in many situations. It is difficult for me to tell if there is any smudging issue because I do have eyeshadows overlapping it on my lower lashline. So, I can't tell you about it's staying power. However, it does claim to be a water "resistant" product.

Mascara: I've already done a full review of the Covergirl Clump Crusher extensions mascara in a separate blog post. All in all, my opinion has changed very little. I've had the mascara for awhile and it absolutely does not clump! And it will lengthen your lashes. I did notice that I was able to achieve a bit more volume this time and maybe that is because the mascara has dried up a tiny bit. It is still pretty wet and doesn't quite hold the curl as I would like it to, but it is definitely a good mascara. May not be my taste (YET!), but I'm sure many of you will love it!

Lips:  The wetslicks glosses are not a must have for me or anything I'd rave about. They're pretty comfortable, not too sticky and the color "Sizzle" is quite lovely. But, even with the "Carmex/eyeshadow" trick, I noticed that bits of glitter were left behind on my lips after it all faded. That is not something I'm a fan of because my lips get irritated and chapped easily. The color was nice and it worked for my purposes of this post, but I don't see myself purchasing anymore of the colors.

So there you have it! A complete fall face look using only Covergirl products! I was very happy all in all with the results and, although there are some things I may not repurchase, I definitely am a fan of many of the products used for this look! I was quite impressed and surprised with how much I liked some of the products I thought I wouldn't like at all! Of course, these are my own opinions and I was missing some key elements (powder, eye primer, etc.) but I think I'm comfortable with what I've said in my mini-reviews as to how the products performed and whether or not I would repurchase!

Random tips:
  • If you're lips get chapped very easily, don't use a lip product that has chunks of glitter in it. When the color wears off, the glitter is left behind and it will irritate your already sensitive lips.
  • I learned a great concealer tip from (If you haven't yet checked out her YouTube channel, please do so! She actually has 3! All of them are worth subscribing to, and I highly recommend you do!) The tip I learned from her that has worked wonders for me for my concealer settling into my fine lines is to use a Q-tip! Lay it on the side and blot it over the areas where the concealer has settled and it will pick up the excess product without disturbing your other makeup! Works wonders! I just did it for mine, and even though I hadn't set it with powder, it looks 100% better!

So, I hope that this post was helpful to you and I look forward to hearing your comments!

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Bye for now my lovelies!!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

REVIEW! L'Oréal Lashout Butterfly Mascara first impression

Hi everyone! This is going to be a very quick review of L'Oréal's Voluminous Lashout Butterfly mascara.  Many of you may have probably seen this mascara in the stores and noticed it's very unique wand, or, you may have seen other reviews of this mascara. Please keep in mind that this is just my experience and thoughts about this product and, as always, I will give you my honest opinion. (On a side note, I forgot to take a photograph of my "naked" lashes for this review! OOPS!!!) But, I do have a photograph from a previous mascara review that I did a few weeks ago, which I will insert for reference. Although it is of my other eye, rest assured, my lashes are pretty much the same on both eyes!)

I purchased the shade "Blackest Black". As you can see, the wand is clearly visible as it is not in the tube when packaged for sale. Here are a couple of close up photographs of the wand prior to having any product on it.
This wand is a rubber bristled wand and has a very unique shape. It is curved on the bottom and has short bristles, and has two "wings" (for lack of a better term) on the upper part that are longer towards the back and a bit shorter in the front near the tip of the wand. I took a photograph from above the wand so that you can get a sense of the "winged" shape I am referring to.
Notice that the "wings" of the wand are farther apart towards the back and taper together as you move closer to the tip of the wand. (Below is the photo from my previous blog post showing what my lashes are like normally.) Notice this is my left eye, and I did this first impression of the Lashout Butterfly mascara on my right eye. I apologize! And, I once again did not put any kind of makeup on prior to applying mascara nor have the photographs been retouched in any way.
Without mascara, my lashes are a medium length and rather straight. I curled my lashes for the photo above because I always curl my lashes prior to applying mascara. My lower lashes are very sparse and short. And, you'll notice that I have very hooded eyelids. Below is a photograph of my lashes (of my right eye) after two coats of the Lashout Butterfly mascara. (The color difference is due to the photos being taken at different times of the day with natural light).
After 2 coats of this mascara, notice that my upper lashes are very clumpy. I also didn't notice alot of length being added to my lashes after application. This is an extremely wet formula mascara. The wand does take some getting used to because of it's construction, however, I was pleased that it's bristles were more than long enough and closely packed together to really grab onto my lower lashes and deposit the product. But, even my lower lashes looked a bit clumpy and I did get alot of product on the skin of my lower lashline. Below is a photo of my lashes after 3 coats of this mascara.
After 3 coats, my upper lashes were extremely clumped together, but had gained some length and volume. My lower lashes also became more clumped together and of course, more product got onto my skin.

I really have mixed feelings about the L'Oréal Lashout Butterfly Voluminous mascara. I actually quite like the wand. The construction of the wand is such that I am really able to get in there and have it grasp my lashes but, the formula is so wet that it just makes a clumpy mess. It also does not hold a curl and does require some drying time. Also, because my lids are hooded, I end up with product on my eyelid that would no doubt ruin any eyeshadow look I was wearing.

As a first impression, I like the wand, but don't like the formula at all. Mascaras do tend to get better after they've "aged" a bit and I will continue to use it periodically to see if the once the formula dries out a little bit it becomes more easily managed and doesn't clump as much. As of now, I would not consider repurchasing this mascara.

So that is my very quick first impression review of the L'Oréal Lashout Butterfly Voluminous mascara. Let me know if you've tried this mascara and what your experience with it were! I'm very curious to know how it has worked for those of you who have tried it out! Just leave me a comment down below!

So, by for now my lovelies!

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Have a great night!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 looks! tarte's "Gorgeous Getaways"!

Hi everyone! Yesterday I gave you a full review of tarte's "Gorgeous Getaways" holiday gift set. Today, I put it to the test! I did a daytime look and a nighttime look using only one of the palettes and one of the lipglosses that you receive in the set. I also used any other tarte products I had, which were: Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation (my shade is light-medium neutral), my Amazonian Clay matte bronzer in "Park Ave Princess" and a tarte LipSurgence lip tint from the holiday collection in the color "lovely". (The products that I used from my own collection were face primer, eye primer, concealer, mascara, brow products and eyeliner(s). I didn't use any other products from my own collection.)

I approached this as if I were going on a weekend trip. So, from one palette I needed to be able to create a day look and a night look. I decided I was going to use the palette that I nicknamed yesterday (by the name of the blush color inside) as "savvy". Below is a photograph of that palette.

I chose this palette for a couple of reasons. I love the color grouping in this palette and I knew that I could get a nice fall look with these colors. So, here's a photo of what I did for my "day" look!

 For this look, I primed my face and used my tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation. This foundation let's me control the coverage, so I just had a light coverage look for the daytime. I used the blush from the palette, "savvy" in a very light dusting across my cheeks. I used only lipgloss for the day look and I chose to take the shade "Czech me out" because it is a nice neutral rosy/mauve shade that has a little bit of shimmer. Now, let's take a look at what I did for the eyes.

To keep the look very natural, I first primed my lids and used the peachy toned shadow "Grand Canyon" all over my lids and into my crease. I added the lighter matte gray/taupe color "Big Ben" on the outer part of my lid and pulled it up into the crease and blended it out with "Grand Canyon". I highlighted with the shade "Taj Majal" which has a satin finish and is not overly shimmery. I didn't use any eyeliner for this day look. Instead, I took an angle brush and used the darkest shade of the palette, "Central Park" and used it very lightly on my upper lashline to give it just a little bit of definition. I added only one coat of mascara and just brushed my brows into place and set them with a clear brow gel. I think the look is very natural and still polished enough to do a little sightseeing, shopping, go to brunch or any other activities you have planned for the day. Then, I needed a look to go out to dinner that night!

For my night look, I changed up my hair and used my bubble wand heat styler. My hair is very fine, so it gives me relatively tight, but imperfect waves. Then I just pulled up the front section and secured it with a couple of bobby pins. I did the same steps that I did for my day look when it came to my face makeup. I primed my face and used my tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation, but I made it full coverage for the evening. I then used my tarte bronzer in "Park Ave Princess" to contour and bronze my face (a step that I skipped for the day look). And, since it was nighttime, I applied the blush "savvy" with a bit of a heavier hand. The blushes are so pigmented, it is easy to control the depth of the color. And for a highlight on my cheekbones, cupid's bow, etc. I used the eyeshadow "Taj Mahal" from the eyeshadow palette! I works great as a highlight because it's got a little bit of shimmer without being too shiny. For my lips, I first used tarte's LipSurgence in the color "lovely" and layered the gloss Czech me out" over the top. I knew that even though the gloss is very long lasting, when it did wear off, I would still have the stain of the LipSurgence tint on my lips. And the gloss is so pigmented, you really don't see the color of the LipSurgence showing through because it is a pretty close match shade wise and, I think that for that reason, the pairing of the two was perfect. And, for my eyes, I definitely wanted to do something a little more dramatic. For night, I used a brow pencil to lightly fill in my brows and set them with a clear gel.

I first used "Taj Mahal" to highlight my inner corner and browbone. I used the shade very lightly on the inner part of my lid. Then I used "Grand Canyon" all over my lid and used a small amount of "Big Ben" on the outer third of my lid. To define my outer "v" and my crease, I used the darkest shade, "Central Park" and blended it into and above my crease. (Since I have very hooded lids, I used a pencil brush to place the shade exactly where I wanted it to show above my crease.)  I went back to "Grand Canyon" and used that to blend out the edges of the dark shade so that there were no harsh lines. I used a black eyeliner pencil on my upper lashline and smudged it out. So, while still dark, there was still a softness to it. I also used the same black pencil liner to tightline my upper lashes. On my bottom lashline, I used a deep emerald green pencil eyeliner and I layered "Big Ben" and "Central Park" over that and smudged it out to give a soft smoky effect. Then, I applied several coats of mascara to really plump up and lengthen my lashes. And that was it!

I really enjoyed creating these looks. The shadows are incredibly pigmented and so easy to work with and blend. The blushes are fantastic. The amount of pigmentation that are in these blush colors is such that you can control how the blush will look just depending on how you choose to apply it. The color combination of the palette that I used was very well thought out and I think it's a great choice for fall. I will definitely be playing around with the other palettes to see what sort of looks I can create. Just because it's the "Gorgeous Getaways" gift set doesn't mean I can't use it at home! :)

Random tips:

  • When traveling, it is very important that your makeup brushes be protected. Having a case to carry your brushes is essential!
  • Take a small spray bottle of brush cleaner with you when you travel. Since you will probably be carrying the minimum amount of makeup brushes you can, a spray that will clean your brushes between uses is great! (You can find them in makeup stores anywhere.) They surface clean your brushes and dry incredibly fast. Who has time to deep clean their brushes when they travel? I sure don't!
  • When I'm traveling on an airplane, I keep my "must haves" in my carry-on bag. Keep some of your "must have" cosmetics in your carry on, that way if tragically your luggage is lost, you won't need to repurchase EVERYTHING!
Bye for now my lovelies! I'll be back soon with a review, or a look, or something! I haven't decided yet! I have so much I want to do!  Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto and on Instagram @reneebruch.  Please visit and like my Facebook page and check out my website to view my portraiture and fine art work. (Fine art is also available for sale on my site.)

Monday, November 4, 2013

REVIEW! tarte's "Gorgeous Getaways" holiday gift set

Hi everyone! (And hello to my fellow "tartelettes"!) Today my post in an in depth review of one of tarte's holiday edition gift sets. tarte's "Gorgeous Getaways" gift set was on sale at my local Ulta store and I just HAD to pick it up. I am totally late to the party when it comes to trying out tarte's eyeshadows and blushes. However, based on the products I do own from tarte, (which I absolutely love), I knew that this gift set was for me! (Yes...I bought myself an early present!) So, let's get to it shall we?

This "Gorgeous Getaways" gift set is exclusive to Ulta stores and their website (I did check tarte's website and this particular gift set is not sold on their site.) The cost of the set is $48 (and on the outer package it says that it's a $433 retail value). Included in the set are: 16 new full size Amazonian clay eyeshadows; 4 new full size Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes; 3 new full size maracuja lipglosses and a portable palette compact. For the amount of product that you are getting, $48 is an excellent deal in my opinion. 

The packaging is just beautiful. The box is a deep purple shade with a gold design covering the entire box. The lid lifts up to reveal a large mirror and 4 of the "portable palettes". Each palette contains 4 eyeshadows and 1 blush color. There is a drawer underneath that pulls out and, in that, you'll find the 3 full size glosses and the portable compact.

The compact is shaped like a bow and is a gorgeous metallic gold color with a golden accent plaque in the center stamped with "tarte". It is slightly padded, and the outside has a kind of leatherette texture and feel. On the inside is a pretty good sized mirror and a magnetized space in which to place the palette that you want to take with you.


The way to use the compact is very easy. In the top section of the box where the palettes are, there is a ribbon under each one. When you lift the ribbon, the palette comes out very easily and you just pop it into the magnetized spot of the portable palette. The magnet is strong and once the palette is in there, it stays there! It's very sturdy and you should have no issues with the palette "rattling" around or falling out of the compact.

Now, let's talk swatches! (Please forgive my swatch photographs...I put the swatches in the weirdest place on my arm and let's just say that trying to get a photo with a full-frame professional camera in one hand and trying to keep everything steady was a challenge!)  

For the sake of trying to keep everything easy, I am going to show the swatches of the palettes based on how they are arranged in the box and I will refer to them by the name of the blush color. There are two neat little features of this set that will make this even easier!  Take a look at these two photos below.

The back of each palette has a sticker that has the shade names for the eyeshadows and blush shades, and there is a see through plastic cover that sits over the top section of the palette that has the shade names written on it as well! (It may be difficult to see in my photograph, but the names of the shades show near the bottom of each shadow and across the middle of the blush.)

For all of the palettes, I swatched the shades by going left to right on the top row and then left to right on the bottom row and lastly, the blush. They are shown from left to right on my arm. They are swatched without primer. (Please keep in mind that I'm very pale and in some cases the colors don't show up as pigmented as they truly are.)

First, let's take a look at the "savvy" palette. (Upper left corner palette in box) .

The first shade "Taj Mahal" is what I would call a satin finish champagne color. "Grand Canyon" is a matte peachy/brown. "Big Ben" is a matte grayish taupe color and the last shadow, "Central Park" is a matte dark olive green. The blush "savvy" is a matte rose shade with a hint of peach. As you can see, the color payoff for this particular palette is quite nice and I think over a primer it would be even better. The shades are buttery and smooth and not flaky at all. They glide right over the skin.

This is the "spontaneous" palette. (Upper right corner in the box). The first shade is "Santorini Bikini" and is a light shimmery pinky/champagne. The next shade "Great Sphynx" is a shimmery mid-tone brown. "Pacific Sunset" is a very shimmery gold color, but not a bright gold. I would say it has a more "brass tone" to it rather than "in-your-face" gold. The last shade is "Belgian Chocolate" and it does have a little shimmer and is a deeper brown, but I do see some subtle plum tones in it. (Especially in the pan). The blush is "spontaneous" and is a very light true pink color and it is the only blush in the gift set with shimmer. However, the shimmer is very subtle.

This is the "ambitious" palette. (Bottom left corner of the set) And, I have to say, I was very disappointed with the shadow shades in this palette. The first shade "Serengeti Sand" is a matte cream color, but it barely shows up...even with a primer. The swatch of the shade is on the extreme left of the photo above, but it didn't show up at all, so I tried it over a primer (I actually layered the swatches on top of one another over the primer). Do you see it? Here's a hint...I placed my watermark directly above the swatch of "Serengeti Sand" I did over an eye primer. I have extremely pale skin, so that may be why you can't see the shade because it is a very light shade and almost matches my skin tone. This would probably be a good shade for someone with a darker skin tone than me. But, let's talk about the other shades. The 2nd swatch is "Buckingham Palace" and looks like a shimmery gray with maybe a bit of plum in the pan, but swatches as basically just a darkish gray. "Rocky Mountains" is the next shade and is a matte brownish/gray shade, but not especially deep. The last is "Bordeaux" which I was soooo excited about when I saw it in the pan. A very pretty shimmery deep plum color, but when I swatched it, that shade also came out gray. The best part of this particular little palette is the blush, "ambitious". A matte, very deep rose shade with excellent pigmentation. This is definitely a blush to use with a very light hand. And, just because I was so disappointed in how the colors swatched, I decided to do a quick eye look (with primer) just to see if they would come out on the eye with color more true to what was in the pan. Nope, sure didn't. The cream shade didn't show up at all and the other 3 colors looked almost exactly the same on my eye and looked as if I just put gray eyeshadow all over.

This is the last of the palettes - "lighthearted". The first shade, "Gold Coast" is a true gold with a high amount of shimmer. "Eiffel Tower" is a matte shade that looks like a plain gray, but when you look very closely, it is more of a mid-toned plummy/gray in the pan. "Space Needle" is another very shimmery shade, and it is a taupe with a bit of iridescence to it. The last shade, "Midnight in Paris" is probably the darkest shade out of all of the shadows as it appears in the pan, but it does go on a little more sheer. It definitely has a teal green quality in the swatch. The blush "lighthearted" is a matte shade that looks super bright in the pan, but sheered out, it is a gorgeous true pink color.

All of the shadows are very smooth and buttery and very easy to blend. And the blushes are super pigmented and the color range will suit many skin tones.

Last but certainly not least! The glosses!

You get 3 new full size maracuja lip glosses in this gift set. (From left to right) "When in Rome" is a beautiful shimmery peachy/pink shade; "New York Minute" is a true pink - if you want's pink! And "Czech Me Out" is a shimmery rosy/mauve shade. The shimmer in these glosses is not overpowering in any way, it's very subtle and "New York Minute" has no shimmer at all. The formula is a little bit thick and they have a strong minty scent. (I'm not sure if these are supposed to have any "plumping" qualities to them, but I don't notice any on my lips.) They go on a little more sheer than what you see in the packaging, but they still give off a good amount of color. Even though they are a little sticky, I don't find them to be annoying to wear and they do have good lasting power.

Here are a few pros and cons in my opinion of this palette:


  • Excellent value for your money. $48 for this amount of product is a great deal.
  • Outstanding quality of the products. The shadows are super buttery and easy to work with. The blushes are all gorgeous and incredibly pigmented and, the glosses are all beautiful to wear alone or over a lipstick or lipstain.
  • The little palettes are designed very well when it comes to the shade ranges as they all work well together (with the exception of the "ambitious" palette). There are plenty of matte shades, shimmery shades that aren't TOO shimmery and a few shimmery shades that are downright shiny! 
  • I hate to say it...there was a complete dud palette. "ambitious"  All of the shades show up the same color with the exception of the matte cream shade (which didn't show up at all). Obviously, you can work those colors into other looks, but as a "take one palette and be set for a getaway", that one would not be the one I choose to take with me.
  • I feel that there are too many gray toned shades in the set. I would have loved to see a bit more color, such as a burgundy or true purple, and a great deep black shade as well. The colors in the set are very neutral (which could be good or bad, depending on your preference or if you are giving it as a gift, the colors are all very wearable and will work with any skintone). *So, that's a Pro and a Con I guess.*
  • On the subject of the "take one palette for a getaway"...that depends on the length of the trip I suppose. I think that this concept would be great for a weekend trip, but not for a long vacation. To try to go a week or more with only one of these palettes would not really give you alot of options.

So, there you have it! A complete overview of the "Gorgeous Getaways" holiday gift set from tarte! In my opinion, if you love tarte products, especially their shadows and, don't walk to get your hands on this set. These are all new shades of shadows and blushes and I don't know whether or not any of them will become permanent. I'm super happy to have mine!

That's all for now my lovelies! I will be posting again soon! Follow me on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto, on Instagram @reneebruch and check out and "like" my Facebook page:  and on my official website


Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Unconventional Date Night" Makeup!

Hi everyone! Ok, let me start by saying that "Unconventional Date Night" makeup means that the date was unconventional...not the makeup! However, this type of "date" required some modifications to my daily makeup as it was a night photoshoot and dinner with my hubby! So, being that it is still pretty warm here in South Florida, I needed makeup with staying power and that would stand up to a night of photography (with my eye and face touching the camera) and still look great for dinner later! Unfortunately...after I completed my makeup look, it was almost impossible to wake my hubby so we ended up just going to dinner! LOL But, we did try a little night shooting afterwards. However, the location was mediocre and nothing I captured really wowed me. So sad! But here's a look at all the products I used to create my "Unconventional Date Night" look!

I know! That's alot of stuff! I won't go into specifics as to application...this is just what I wore for this "unconventional date"!

Face primer: Mally Prep and Prime (for added moisture because I had a bit of dry skin)
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay whipped in 240 Natural Beige
Concealer(s): Benefit's erase paste in "Medium" and Maybelline's Instant Age rewind in "Neutralizer" under the eyes and "Brightener" for added brightness below the eye area.
Eye primer: Urban Decay "Anti-Aging" eye primer
Eyeshadow: Mabelline's Eyestudio quad in "Autumn Dream" (This quad is limited edition for the fall, so don't miss out! This quad has some gorgeous jewel tones! I totally stole this eye look from emilynoel83 on YouTube! If you haven't checked out her channel, do so! She's an amazing source of information on both drugstore and high-end makeup and her tutorials are wonderful! I would have never thought of getting this quad if it wasn't for her! )
Eyeliner: Maybelline Master Drama in "Midnight Master" on my upper lid and to tightline the upper. For the bottom I used Covergirl's liquiline blast in purple. (There is no actual color on the product). Then I used the navy and purple colors from the quad over that to give the lower lashline some more POP!
Brows: itCosmetics "Brow Power" (universal color) and a generic brow gel to hold them in place. (I am not a fan of overdrawn brows on me...even though mine aren't very thick, I keep them pretty natural.)
Mascara: (This was a total cocktail of products that I had to use to make sure it did NOT smudge!) For the 1st coat, I used  L'oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes (waterproof) in "black" for upper and lower lashes. Revlon's Grow Luscious (waterproof) in "blackest black" for my 2nd coat on my upper lashes. For my 2nd coat on the bottom lashes I used Maybelline's Lash Discovery (waterproof) in "very black". (My lower lashes are so sparse, that I have to coat them lightly first with a regular mascara in order for the tiny brush to even grip the lashes.) For my 3rd coat on my upper lashes I used Almay's Get up and Grow in "blackest black" for even more volume. (Finally! Mascara was done! Whew!)

Here is the finished eye look:

Bronzer/contour: Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte in "Park Ave Princess"
Blush: theBalm Instain Blush in "Houndstooth"
Highlighter: MAC MSF "Soft and Gentle" Setting spray: NYX "Dewy Finish" (because my skin was dry, I didn't powder & I wanted to minimize the look of the dry skin. I usually prefer a matte finish.)
Lipliner: Jordana's "Tawny"
Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine in "Rose Infinite"
Gloss: Maybelline's "Nude Compliment" just in the center of my bottom lip. (Sorry, I don't have the name of the actual gloss type, but it's in the rectangular packaging).

Whew! And that was it! This is the final result!

For accessories, I just popped on some diamond stud earrings and a pretty silver and black necklace and that was it!

Random stuff about me! (Instead of tips, I thought I'd throw in a few things you probably don't know about me!)
  • I am required to wear a foot/ankle brace which almost reaches my knee. I have to wear it every time I go out, especially shooting. (I don't wear it for beach shoots obviously!) It only fits in sneakers, so dressing up is a difficult thing for me. So, date nights aren't usually fancy at all. I can only wear flats or kitten heels for a short time. (No more high heels for me!) Boot cut jeans are fantastic because it makes the brace barely noticeable.
  • If you've been following my blogs for awhile, you may notice that sometimes my eyes are green. They are colored contacts in case you couldn't tell. I never wear them while shooting because they tend to get a little uncomfortable after awhile. I prefer my clear contacts for photography work.
  • I love portraiture work and doing makeup, but I also love fine art photography. I have a gallery on my website specifically for this type of work. (My IG followers may already know this!)
Since I didn't capture anything that wowed me last night with my night mini-shoot, here's a night shot that I took last year. This is one of several photos of mine that were chosen for the final jury round in the 2012 International Fine Art Photography Competition for the Grand Prix de la Découverte in Paris, France. It was a great achievement! I'm very proud to have received such a high level of success in my very first international competition, as well as the recognition from the international panel of jurors, which included renowned photographers and museum curators. I may not have won, but I got pretty darn close! 

That's all for now my lovelies! Follow me on Instagram @reneebruch and on Twitter @ReneeBruchPhoto.  You can also find me on my Facebook page: and on my official website:

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