Thursday, October 24, 2013

"SLiC" Fall Evening Look by "theBalm"

Hi everyone and welcome back! I know, I are all sitting there shaking your heads going "SLiC"...whaaaa?????  "SLiC" is a sort of acronym I made up that stands for "Shadows, Lips & Cheeks". As much I would like to have every product to create an entire face of makeup from every cosmetics brand, unfortunately that is not always the case. But, I would say that for some of them I do have at least eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. I will be creating looks using the items I do have from one particular brand, but substituting my own products for those which I might not have. (Such as foundation, mascara, etc.) I think that this could get very interesting....sometimes you have to be a bit creative as you'll see when I explain the look below!

Let me start by saying how much I adore the products I have from theBalm! The first products I ever purchased were the Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette and one of their Instain blushes in "Houndstooth". Which I adore! (As soon as I can, I hope to get the entire Instain collection!) My next purchase was the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette and three more blushes, "Cabana Boy", "Down Boy", and "Frat Boy". That is the extent of the products I own from theBalm. Using only the Balm Jovi and Meet Matt(e) Nude palettes, along with the blush in the color "Cabana Boy", I was able to create a look I was happy with!

I applied my own primer, foundation, concealer, powder, etc. (You get the idea!) I decided I wanted a dramatic evening eye using some of the fall colors in the palettes. I first took the shade "Matt Singh" from the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette and used it as the transition color for my crease. Then I swapped to the Balm Jovi palette. I mixed the light goldish shade "Iron Maid-in" and the highlight shade, "Disco Disco" and put that in the inner half of my lid and also used it to highlight my inner corner. I then used "Alice Copper" on the outer half of my lid and pulled that up into the crease and blended the two together. I used a small amount of the color "The Stroke" on a pencil brush and used it to pretty much "draw" an outline of a triangle exactly where I wanted the color on my outer corner and crease. Because I have hooded lids, I have to be extremely precise where I place dark colors above my crease, so I kind of "sketch" them in lightly first. When I was happy with the placement, I added more of that dark color and blended it in with the shades I had already used. To keep the color intensity on the lid, I kept adding the blend of the two gold shades on the inner lid and the "Alice Copper" shade while blending the darkest shade so there were no harsh edges. Then to warm it back up towards my brow, I used a tiny crease blending brush and blended a little more of the "Alice Copper" shade above the dark shade. I highlighted my brow with a tiny bit of "Disco Disco". I used some black gel liner on my upper lashes and a bit of black pencil liner on my bottom lashes, then used "The Stroke" to smoke out the lower lashline. Then I added mascara and some false lashes.

I had to get creative when it came to contour and bronzer. Using the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette, I mixed two of the shades, "Matt Rosen" and "Matt Singh" (using a little more of the lighter shade) and used that mixture to lightly contour and warm up my skin tone. For cheeks I used my blush in "Cabana Boy". It's a lovely mauvy/purple shade with a satin finish and I just love the color on my fair to medium skin. I highlighted my cheekbones and cupid's bow with "Disco Disco" from the Balm Jovi palette and added just a tiny bit to my forehead, chin, and down my nose. (Although nothing can make my nose look smaller!)  For lipstick, I used both colors of the lip and cheek cream products in the Balm Jovi palette. I mixed "Milly" and "Vanilly" and just dabbed it all over my lips with my finger. By mixing the two shades, I came up with a very deep pink color. To add a touch of shine, I patted a bit of  "Disco Disco" in the center of my lips. After all was said and done, this was the look that I created!

I really had fun creating this look. I hope that you liked it too and maybe got a few ideas of your own! Like I said...I wish I had every product from every cosmetics company to do a full face look, but I think these "SLiC" looks are going to be a lot of fun! Let's see how creative I can get!

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Bye for now my lovelies! My next post should be my Halloween look!!!! Party this weekend!!!


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