Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: NEW! Cover Girl Clump Crusher EXTENSTIONS mascara

Hi everyone! Today my post will be a review on Cover Girl's new "Clump Crusher Extensions" Lash Blast mascara. I was strolling through the makeup aisle at my local Target (can't keep me out of the makeup aisle!) and I noticed this lonely package all by itself...and upon closer examination I realized it was a NEW formula of Cover Girl's infamous Clump Crusher mascara. This is "Clump Crusher Extensions" and, of course, I bought it so that I could test it out and do a review. (Disclaimer: I do not own the original formula of the Clump Crusher mascara, so this review is based solely on my experience with this new "Extensions" formula.) So let's get right to the review! 

According to the front of the packaging, this new formula claims "200% more volume + length". The back reads: "The Clump Crusher brush from COVERGIRL combined with a buildable fiber-stretch formula give 200% more volume* and length to your lashes." The asterisk is on the package and below, it says "(*vs bare lashes)".  I bought the color 840 very black.

I didn't think to take a picture of the brush before I put it in the product, but here is a close up of the brush head after removal from the tube. (I did not wipe off any product in order to take the photograph.)

It is a rubber brush that is slightly curved and is densely packed with short bristles. I noticed that the product doesn't really get too "gunked" up on the applicator like with some other mascaras. So, I didn't need to really scrape the brush to remove excess product. That's a plus! First, I am going to show you a close up photo of my eye so you can see my "naked" lashes! (Don't be frightened!!!! I have no makeup on - only moisturizer. I did not want eyeliner or eyeshadow to alter the appearance of my lashes. I didn't even put concealer on. GASP!!!) The only thing I DID DO was curl my lashes, because I ALWAYS curl my lashes before applying mascara. This way you will see a very accurate representation of how the product performs on my lashes.  These photos have not been retouched in any way. (Clearly...I mean HELLO?...concealer, where are you?)

(Scary isn't it?) I have what I would call "medium length" upper lashes, but they are not very full and I have especially sparse and very short lower lashes. Below is a photo of my eye after 2 coats of the Clump Crusher Extensions mascara.

After 2 coats of mascara, I do notice a marked increase in length and a little bit more volume. However, if you look very closely at my bottom lashes, you will see that the product has gotten on my lower lashline. This is because since my lashes are so short and sparse on the bottom, the bristles are just not long enough to get in there and really "grab" them, so I have to move the wand closer to my skin. It's unavoidable (in my case anyway) that I will get bits of product on the lower lashline. (Although this may not be an issue if I was wearing eyeliner, I don't always wear eyeliner on my lower lashline.) There was absolutely no issue with clumping. And I was impressed with the length it gave my lashes. I decided I needed another coat to see if I could build the volume because I wasn't satisfied with the volume I achieved with 2 coats. Below is a photo of my lashes after 3 coats of this mascara.

 After 3 coats the length increased even further, but I also noticed that (inevitably) I got even more product on my lower lashline. The volume also increased to a level that was more to my liking. However, it did not volumize as well as my other volumizing mascaras that I have used.

  1. I found the formula to be a little bit on the wet side, but not overly so. It dried completely after only about 3 minutes and I was able to touch the lashes without getting mascara on my finger. My lashes remained soft and flexible and did not get a "crispy" or brittle texture.
  2. The mascara was comfortable on my eyes and I didn't notice any irritation as a contact lens wearer.
  3. I was disappointed that the mascara was unable to hold the curl in my lashes. Within 15-20 minutes they were stick straight again. 
  4. While I found the length to be very adequate, I wasn't happy with the amount of volume I achieved. I like extremely thick lashes. I also didn't like that I wasn't able to apply the product to my lower lashes without getting it on my skin.
Would I recommend this product? ABSOLUTELY YES! As you can clearly see from the pictures, Cover Girl's Clump Crusher Extensions mascara gets the job done. Although I personally wasn't happy with the volume or the fact that my lashes didn't stay curled, that's my own personal preference. If you are looking for a clump free, lengthening formula that gives pretty decent volume - you will probably love this mascara.

My bottom line: "Would I purchase this mascara again"? Possibly, and here's why. Cover Girl's Clump Crusher Extensions mascara definitely lengthens your lashes...without a don't lie! But, this mascara alone did not give me the amount of volume that I personally prefer in a mascara. And, it did not hold my curl. If I could find a way that it worked for me in conjunction with the use of other mascaras that gave me a look that I am personally happy with then yes, I would purchase it again. I will be experimenting with this mascara and others to see if I can come up with a combination that works for me!

So all in all, Cover Girl's New Clump Crusher Extensions does what it says it does, it lengthens (pretty darn well actually) and thickens your lashes, so it makes the cut! Try it and see how you like it! Everyone is different...all makeup performs differently on everybody and we all have our personal preferences.

Bye for now my lovelies! 


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