Saturday, October 5, 2013

Perfectly purple!

Hi everyone! This quick blog post is dedicated to a lovely young Instagram follower of mine named Bay! Hi Bay!!!!  I asked if anyone wanted to see anything in particular for a Homecoming look and Miss Bay requested something that would go with a lavender dress. She's a lovely young girl with great big blue eyes and blonde hair, so I thought this would be a very flattering look for her. Bay is a tad too young for Homecoming but, she does have a special occasion coming up and I wanted to do a look that was a bit lighter and age appropriate especially for her. Everything I used is from the drugstore, so it's also a very affordable look. So, this is for you Bay!  (I will be creating a more dramatic look for the older teens out there for Homecoming and special occasions!)  Also, please excuse my facial expression! I did this in the morning and the sun was right in my face, so I couldn't help myself from squinting! Sunny Florida!!!

I'm going to just list the products I used for this look so that I can keep this post as short as possible. But, I will go into details about the eye makeup so that it will be easy to recreate!

Primer:  NYX Pore Filler
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Créme in 240 Natural Beige
Bronzer: Revlon Photoready in "Bronzed & Chic" (I did not contour for this look. I used the bronzer just to warm up my skin tone.)
Blush: Milani Baked Blush in "Berry Amore" (Use with a very light hand! Very pigmented!!! This color also has a bit of sparkle so no highlight is needed!)
Lips: Rimmel Moisture Renew in "Antique Pink" and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Sugar Violet"

Now...let's go to the eyes!

For the eyes, I used Wet 'n Wild's "Petal Pusher" 8 pan palette. You can find it in just about any drugstore for under $5!  I used only 4 shades in the palette and I will break down which shades I used and where they are located on the palette so you can recreate this look.

For my entire eyelid and inner corner I used the light/sparkly pinky purple Browbone shade on the upper right of the palette. (If you want some extra sparkle, pat some of this color onto the center of your lid after blending all the shades because you will definitely lose the sparkle as you can see.)  On the outer half of my lid I used the matte lilac Eyelid shade on the left of the palette. I added some of this color into my crease to help with the transition and blending of the color I used for my outer "v", which was the darker purple Crease shade on the left side of the palette. For a little added depth, I used a pencil brush to layer a tiny amount of the dark burgundy-like Crease shade from the right side of the palette at my outer "v" just over the dark purple shade and just blended like there was no tomorrow! For a highlight under my brow I used the matte light pink Browbone shade on the left side of the palette.  

To keep the look a little lighter, instead of black eyeliner I chose to use Rimmel's Exaggerate Full Colour Eye Definer in "Aubergine" in a very fine line right at my upper and lower lashlines and smudged it out. (I don't know if this color is still available, but any true purple color will do.) Also, using the same smudger brush, I layered the sparkly pink, lilac and dark purple shades right over the purple eyeliner from the inner corner to outer corner of my lower lashline. Curled my lashes and of course, added a few coats of black volumizing mascara! 

The essentials!  I hope you liked this look Bay and will give it a try!  You will be gorgeous no matter what you do with your makeup though for your special occasion!

Random tips:
  • Instead of lipstick and gloss, think about using a lip stain or lip tint.  A lip stain will stay all night and you won't need touch ups!
  • If you are wearing a strapless dress, consider wearing your hair down. A sparkly headband or barrette to keep your hair off your face is a nice touch!
Bye for now my lovelies!  Keep an eye out for my next blog post for a look which will be a little more dramatic for you older girls for your Homecoming or next event!

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