Sunday, June 2, 2013

"The Masquerade Ball"

I spent Friday afternoon and evening with my favorite girls getting them ready for their end of the school year "Masquerade Ball" dance. Between the blazing hot curling irons (I burned myself 3 times!) and all the makeup, camera stuff, etc. we made a great big mess out of Donna's house! But, we had a great time getting ready, taking pictures and just being goofy in general. I love spending time with "my" girls and this was a perfect opportunity to hang out and just enjoy them! We so wanted to do photos outside by the pond in the backyard, but wouldn't you know poured rain! We had to make do with taking the photos inside with limited space and awkward lighting, but it was all for fun and the girls were just so excited to be all dressed up and ready to enjoy their night!