Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"The Music Man" - John Paul Smith

Finally! I've been wanting to capture some great photos of JP playing the guitar and I had the opportunity to do that on Sunday. He grabbed my husband's dirty old guitar and I grabbed my camera. John Paul (or as we call him "JP") has a passion for music that just seeps from every pore of his being. He gets completely lost in the music and forgets (usually) that we're listening and watching. I am often entranced by his hands when he is playing and, on Sunday often caught myself actually forgetting to take pictures because I was too busy asking myself: "How does he DO that?" I was fortunate enough to get a few photos of his actual face for a change...and even one where he is slightly smiling. (A smile that he protects like it's a national secret for reasons known only to he as the brooding musician. We may THINK we know...but we don't...) You, John Paul Smith are a one of a kind...and for all of those reasons that make you who you are...we love you.

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